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  1. My apologies for the delay with my response. Sure looks like the one. Let's make a deal and I'll send some dollars. Thanks, Tom.
  2. Actually, I have years of wiring experience from a total body rewire on my 77 to many other repair deals. I'm well stocked with connectors, tools, shrinks, test eq and etc. You have provided a "distributor wiring install for dummies" guide that will scoot me through the process. Thank you for all your advice, TB.
  3. NewZed, I've located a rebuilt one (77 78). I noticed it had two pickups. Do you think this will do the job? Also, this distributor doesn't appear to have the "black box" that the diagram you showed with B & G connections. I suspect it's a control unit. I have FSM s for 1977 & 1978. Both show "transistor ignition units" and how they function with the distributor circuit. So this is a big question mark for me and what I will need. I'm amazed at how little I know about some parts of these cars, even after never being without having at least one z car in my driveway for decades. I even have a few today in various stages of renovation, etc. Thank you for your help, TB.
  4. NewZed, I may have one in my parts collection from a 78 280z. What can you tell me about installing it? I know how to put the 280z one in and how to time it after it's running. But I don't know about wiring it. The stock 280zx one has the "IC ignition unit" mounted on the side with a 2 prong connection. Will that wiring connect to the 280z unit? Thank you for your advice, TB.
  5. NewZed.….Thank you for the response to my magnet assembly question. I read through the entire tread you referred to at ClassicZcar. It mentioned two places that might be able to help me. Both sources were a dead end. The thread also suggested a antique distributor rebuilder in MI who said he could not rework my dizzy due to having no source for my broken magnet assembly. Looks like I need to locate another distributor or spend the dollars to install a stand alone ignition system that I haven't begun to research. Do you have a suggestion to the least expensive system to use? Thank you for your help, TB.
  6. I posted my need for a distributor magnet assembly and recd. no replies. So, how bout a complete distributor from a 79 through 83 280zx, non turbo car. The magnet ring under the stator must not be broken, because that's what I need. If you have one and need to check the magnet ring, be very careful when removing the 3 screws on the stator. If you use an impact device to free the screws, the magnet will probably break. A little WD-40 or other will free them.
  7. WTB Magnet assembly for 1979 280zx distributor.
  8. I had the same problem installing Eibachs on a 280zxt a few years ago. Ultimately I discovered the new springs made the car set higher due to the old ones being worn and sagging. However the car did handle much better with the Eibachs installed. Last summer I installed new "lowering" springs on my 240 and had the same deal with the car ultimately setting higher. I haven't driven it yet to see how it handles. But back to your install problem, on my zx, I jacked the upper assemble up without all the brake parts being installed and leveraged the lower arm assemble down for the fit. A bit of jacking and muscle should do the trick.
  9. Advice needed for my 79 280zx distributor. The magnet assembly has broken to pieces. I have searched and searched for the part or even a rebuilt distributor with absolutely no luck. A Rebuilt Distributor isn't out there listed at any street parts stores or at any of the many z car sites that I have been doing business for many years. I can't spend the dollars to convert to a complete aftermarket ignition system. I haven't even been able to find a rebuilder that will take my old one to refurb for me. I have a few old dizzys in my parts ben and each one had broken magnets. I'm really "up against it". Any ideas where to locate what I need?
  10. QUOTE "My big question is how big of an undertaking is this actually?" I have done this job on a 280. It is time consuming and requires one to keep his concentration on the job at hand. You will need to follow basic instructions and pay close attention to detail like the color codes supplied with the kit. This would be a good time to replace the carpet due to having to run the new wiring under it and the seats, etc. Installing new, modern bulbs as you go will also be a big improvement. This job isn't for anyone but if really want a reliable car body to go along with the new engine swap, go for it! Wiring problems in these old z cars can and will drive your crazy.
  11. For what it's worth...….. I have found and fixed my 280zx cold start problem as mentioned above. The connector to the throttle valve switch was corroded. Unplugging it, gave it a few squirts of contact cleaner, did a little scraping to remove said gunk and a reconnect has cured my problem. Little "buggers" like this can be difficult to find but studying the FSM and marching through it, step by step, usually pays off!
  12. My 79 zx just runs like crap when first started. Back fires through intake and exhaust when I try to add rpms. Checked the new spark plugs and they were gas fouled so I replaced the cold start valve and thermotime switch and their electrical current connectors. Still have the same problem. It runs great when warmed up. All hoses, belts, ht leads, distributor cap, plugs, vac lines, etc. are new. I haven't replaced the "thermal transmitter" that screws into the thermostat housing because I haven't been able to locate a new one and because I really don't know If it is part of the problem. The 79 FSM doesn't have much to say about the thermal transmitter. (It isn't the water temp sensor, located beside it that controls the temp gauge in the dash.) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  13. This 280ZX Turbo car is still hanging around and as my last post stated, I pushed it aside several months ago. I have several other Z cars that are in various stages of restoration and just don't have time to strip and part out this ZX. I will seriously consider any reasonable offer and will consider any trade up or down w/dollars. it's a complete, untouched car that will make a perfect parts car to build another turbo z. It's an auto transmission car but I have a number of five speeds and could supply one in the deal. Thank you, Tom. 843 450 6512
  14. Sorry for the slow reply. I've been really busy and just pushed it out of my mind. The car is still for sale and it's an auto. If a buyer doesn't come along soon, I'll part it out but not looking forward to spending the time doing so. I need to sell it. If interested, make me a good offer! Thanks, Tom. 843 450 6512
  15. I would like one. Please let me know how to send you some dollars. Thanks, Tom.
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