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  1. MSA had a deal to recover them. They did a set for me a few years ago and they looked really nice. Check with them.
  2. I have rear arms from a 73 here in N. Myrtle Beach. Yours for the taking away.
  3. Kenny, I have two stock turbo manifolds here in South Carolina. Contact me mayolives@aol.com. Thanks, Tom.
  4. Sounds like you have a decent cooling system in place. I live in the steamy South and run about the same setup on my 3 liter. Have you checked your temp gauge? Just how hot is it really getting? Are you pushing coolant out the over flow? Also, you may have have a bad/worn out water pump.
  5. What am I missing here?? Buy a new one from AZC.
  6. Replace or not to replace. The R200 is a little stronger vs the R180. But there are other choices. It's all about what you can spend. The R200 with Quaife limited slip is a well-tried choice but costly. The Driveshaft shop in Salisbury, NC has a reputation for building axles for go-fast cars and they are easy to work with. They fixed me up when Nissan CD axles would not last long in my road course car. https://driveshaftshop.com/
  7. Are you aware of the 280zxt cv axle lengths? They are different! I'm not sure why Rockauto says their axles can be used on either side. There is information on this site about the subject. My experience with the OEM cv units with a high HP car was not good! I suspect they are not much stronger than OEM half shafts. I finally had to have custom 930 Porsche units built and they held up just fine. PM me if you would like my input. Also, I live in SC at the Beach.
  8. I have been ask to help install a Holley 4 Barrel 8006/390 carburetor and it's linkage on a Clifford intake. The car is a 73 240Z, with a P90 head. A Lokar throttle linkage kit was purchased from MSA. If my memory serves me, the Clifford intake has provisions for a water lines. Where should I connect the water lines going to and from the intake? Also, can I mount the carburetor in either direction, front to back or sideways. I have an Arizona Z Car intake with a Holley mounted transverse (side to side) on my 260Z. My intake is open where the Holley mounts to it and does not have a divider. Is the Clifford open on top like my AZC intake? Any other thoughts on this Clifford intake that might help? I have searched the internet and other Z car sources to no avail.
  9. This build sounds really cool. I have owned many z cars over past decades including one 240/350SBC that was fun. But the rest of that car was not up to all the 350's power. Your choice of the Art Morrison chassis and all the rest sounds like the ticket and should be far better to any of the many modifications that most of us are accustomed to. I'm staying tuned!
  10. Looks like I've been around since 2003. So much good stuff to help keep these z cars alive and well. Sure hope we can keep it going for the next batch!
  11. Hello Newbie, Looks like you have found a decent looking car. Should you need help with most anything related to your new z, there is tons of good information here at HybZ and over on ClassicZcar. Searching past post will reveal discussions on most topics and well thought out questions usually are answered by those who have traveled the road before. Welcome.
  12. The comments above all seam valid. I'm assuming you have rotated the distributor in both directions while having the same result. There are several different distributor bases or "fixing plates" as the FSM calls them. Each was designed to go with different distributors. Using the wrong one will greatly effect timing adjustment. Just my two cents worth based on a similar problem I had with my 280zx. Somewhere, perhaps here on hybridz or at classiczcar there is a post with a link that has photos of each base and describes to which distributor it matches up with. I haven't been able to locate it but hopefully someone with point you to it.
  13. I had to spend a bunch of time adjusting the hood parts, fenders and doors and hatch after my last painted z car was done. But it did all come together. I suspect your first statement about the front end damage is where you need to start to solve your problem. Take some measurments especially side to side from one fender to the other. Do you have another car to compare your findings against? You may need to do some dissassembling before you can move some things back to where to belong. Take your time. Even very small out of whack measurments can cause big alingment problems.
  14. 21010-P7525 Genuine Nissan #21010P7525 Water Pump (nissanpartsdeal.com)
  15. Sure can! In the least year I have replaced u-joints in my 73 240 and my 78 280Z. Easy Peezy!
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