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  1. Interested in points distributor and a T5 bell housing if you still have them.
  2. Looking for 280Z Rear strut mount isolator. Shipped to 32606 Thanks
  3. Need help identifying a 22001 N4206 distributor. Going through my 510 dist and found this 6 cylinder dist. Thanks
  4. Found some thanks for you replys
  5. WTB 240 front brakes and struts Have some 240 parts to trade or buy outright.
  6. Should have been more specific. Looking for the ones that replace stock headlight buckets with fiberglass race fairing buckets with no headlight provisions.
  7. Looking for a set of fiberglass headlight buckets for a 240 road race build. If no has any how about recommending a supplier other than Z Force. Thanks
  8. Need wiper arms, wiper blades, and attachment nuts for a 71 240
  9. I have a T5 less bellhousing $75 plus shipping from 32034.
  10. Looking for T5 bellhousing, have transmission need new bellhousing.
  11. Looking for left and right defroster hoses for a 71 240. The hoses go from the heater box to the windshiel vents.
  12. Need a 240 wiper motor.
  13. I have a complete under dash harness. Make me an offer.
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