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  1. Need help identifying a 22001 N4206 distributor. Going through my 510 dist and found this 6 cylinder dist. Thanks
  2. AIShelby

    WTB 240 Struts and Brakes

    Found some thanks for you replys
  3. AIShelby

    WTB 240 Struts and Brakes

    WTB 240 front brakes and struts Have some 240 parts to trade or buy outright.
  4. AIShelby

    4:38 Limited Slip and other Misc Parts

    Updated for items sold
  5. AIShelby

    4:38 Limited Slip and other Misc Parts

    Alot of questions on the Limited Slip, it is a two pin, marked 8 35 on the ring gear, additional pictures added to post
  6. AIShelby

    4:38 Limited Slip and other Misc Parts

    Limited slip pictures added
  7. AIShelby

    4:38 Limited Slip and other Misc Parts

    One of the major parts house. It was used for 4 weekends on a track car and removed when a different brake system was installed.
  8. Have sold all my Zs and need to clean out the garage All items plus shipping All items located in N Central Fl 240 rear brake set up from bracing plates to drums $125 plus shipping Front cover with water pump and billet oil pump drive $150.00 plus shipping R 180 3:54 welded $250.00 plus shipping R 180 4:38 limited slip $700.00 plus shippingSOLD 4 flat top pistons used 86.1 mm .050 over will include 1 .020 and 1 .055 $100.00 plus shipping Mikuni side draft jets 4 each air mains 160 - 195 32 total, 4 each main jet 180 - 220 32 total, 4 57.5 and 4 60 pilot jets $140 plus shippingSOLD Pair of early carbs $50 Carbs, manifold, and two heat shields $125 Cam spray bar $25 280 Brake boosted rebuilt $50 280 Distributor? $100
  9. AIShelby

    WTB Fiberglass Race Headlight Buckets

    Should have been more specific. Looking for the ones that replace stock headlight buckets with fiberglass race fairing buckets with no headlight provisions.
  10. Looking for a set of fiberglass headlight buckets for a 240 road race build. If no has any how about recommending a supplier other than Z Force. Thanks
  11. AIShelby

    Wiper arms, wiper blades

    Need wiper arms, wiper blades, and attachment nuts for a 71 240
  12. AIShelby

    WTB: 280zx TURBO Manual Transmission

    I have a T5 less bellhousing $75 plus shipping from 32034.
  13. AIShelby

    T5 Nissan Bellhousing

    Looking for T5 bellhousing, have transmission need new bellhousing.
  14. AIShelby

    Defroster hoses

    Looking for left and right defroster hoses for a 71 240. The hoses go from the heater box to the windshiel vents.