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  1. Thanks Alan, the pcb looks like the same model as mine cts-2000zd. I've noted differences between the earlier model that Kats posted a picture of and this later one.
  2. I'm trying to bring one back from the dead. There are no schematics available that I can find. I know its a shot in the dark but if anyone has one of these, could they please peek inside theirs and tell me what component was in the spot where i circled in red? I would be eternally gratefull. This part is located on the little circuit board on the side.
  3. Bump. Still looking Also looking for these circuit boards from 280z clocks. Got any? 10$ each
  4. Any progress? came back to the thread after watching the electric ferrari 308 video's on youtube.
  5. i bought mine used on ebay a long time ago. They're getting old and brittle though. If you drive in rain alot i'de highly recommend them because it protects the inner fender from splashing water. You might be able to make your own using ones from a newer car. Cut to fit. These guys may have some. email them http://www.zcarsource.com/inner-fender-liner-280z-77-78-right-used_8_56009_56377.html
  6. http://www.datsunzparts.com/products.html bottom of the page. 390 bucks
  7. Any progress on this project? Your rear wheel drive Z is no match to the awd tesla. Too much tire spin with just 2 wheel drive. Did you see that video on youtube the video of the guy who reverse engeneered a tesla motor? https://youtu.be/zMQjcukphpA He says he's the only person in the world that has used the tesla motor in another vehicle. You should make a video too when yours is done showing your monster motor running in the Z.
  8. Awesome project you've got going there. Don't axles start shearing off at those hp levels? Do your controllers allow for a "standard" mode of driving and an "insane" mode? I would love to see you drag race with a tesla. You have seen the white zombie datsun 1200 on youtube? It's got 2 electric motors joined together to double the hp.
  9. greghassen

    78 z

    78 280z california bay area car. have owned it 11 years. just installed carpet kit,seat kit,weatherstripping kit.
  10. I don't really need the clock mechanicals. I just need the housing and face. Don't need the plexiglass either. Just the case preferably. If you've got a hosed clock or case pm me.
  11. nobody has a old compressor laying around?
  12. Shouldn't you put silicone on the bolts holes that you drilled? The other side is wet when it rains?
  13. I've tried the priming before and it didn't work for me but others say it works for them. You just wire in a switch to the fuel pump that provides power to the pump directly. Turn on the pump before starting and leave it on for a minute or so and hopefully it gets fuel to the injectors. Others have had sucess replacing the fuel pump check valve but that didn't work for me either. The only thing that worked 100% was this fan. I first wired it up using a toggle switch. It was a pain waiting 5 or so minutes after shutting the engine off to wait for it to cool the top of the motor
  14. I'll buy that old datsun hitachi radio off you if you want to sell. PM me You're in the bay area but it was a very warm day there right? Thats the hot start problem with the 280 and its well known. I solved mine by putting a 280zx injector fan on mine. Hardest part is wiring it up to a timer so it only stays on for 10 minutes or so after you shut the motor off. Running ethenol free gasoline helps also. Making sure you have no leaks in your fuel line all the way back to the pump. Insulating the fuel rail helps some say. What's happening is the fuel inside the fuel rail is boi
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