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  1. Thats close I like it. I think i might just try it and post pictures.
  2. Im not even good with paint lol. Ill see what I can do though
  3. Soooooooooo I have always wondered what a 1970 dodge daytona wing would look like on my 280z. Obviously if I were to do it I would have to "shrink" it down. Anyone else think I should waste my money on trying this? If I do ill attach photos at a later date.
  4. Yea I dont have a camera sadly, I need an Micro Sd for my phone then I can get some pics.
  5. Im planning an engine swap on a 1977 Datsun 280z. I want to throw a 5.6L v8 from a nissan titan the fabrication for that I can do. The problem I run into is the transmission. I wanna do a 350z 6speed manual transmission with a transmission adapter kit, but the tranny wont fit in the 280z without ALOT.... ALOT of fabrication. Sooo anyone know any other transmissions that might bolt up to the Titan engine that is a 6 speed manual that could fit in the 280z with less work?
  6. Yea I was thinking about keeping it stock. It's not really pristine the entire interior was molded I got most of it cleaned and replaced and I figured while i'm replacing stuff why not take it all the way. The engines fast it's nice, but its tame I would like a little more bite from it. i'm not going to hack it up. I'm keeping the exterior all stock new paint though. I guess you could call it a sleeper in a way. I'm actually planning on beefing up the suspension and brakes and what not first I'm just trying to get ideas for an engine.
  7. I bought a 1977 280Z off my neighbor for $400 garage kept for 20 years when he stopped driving it due to him becoming handicapped. Been driving it for a while, but I do want to do an engine swap on it. I hear alot about these LS1, LS2, LS6's being good also pretty easy being that holley makes kits for them. My friend told me to put an engine from a 90-95 300zx either single turbo, twin turbo, or non turbo. He also suggested a turbo 3000cc or an F20c. I guess what i'm asking is for the more senior car men to give me suggestions on what I will give me the most bang for my buck. Im open to all su
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