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  1. well that is a shame that the hybrid z community will not "feed" information. because i have been looking around and cannot find adequite information on what i am trying to do, so i NEED to be fed information. If you could post links showing me the forums then i would be greatly in your debt, which is the reason i created this topic. I am trying to decide if swapping an ls1 would be easier and less trouble to drop in the 240z than an LQ4. information i have come across states that for upwards of 650HP, it is smarter to go the iron block route. However i have always loved an aluminum ls1. and from my own research it appears to swap easier in a Z than an lq4. again ANY information would help. information, not judgement, thanks
  2. phantom, how much should one expect to pay johns cars to solely drop the ls1 and transmission in? i want to build my own engine and do all the other work, i just don't know if i trust myself enough to drop an LSx engine in and count on it being correct. this will be my first engine swap. thank you in advance for the info
  3. I am savign up to get an engine to drop in my 73 240z. At first i wanted an ls1 to drop in, but i am now leaning toward getting an lq4. that being siad, does anyone have experice with this swap, knowledge about crucial elements i will need to know. first question being how hard is it to swap an ls6 intake onto the lq4. SHould i consider getting a Fast intake instead of an ls6 intake? will the fast intake fit under a stock hood? if so, what size do i need to get. also what other stuff is intailed in the swap?i hve been doing researh and have bits and pieces of informaton, but am still a little confused on the whole swap i am planning on pairing this with a t56 tranny. any info will help. please... i need help
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