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  1. I don't think there was any clear winner, it was just to show how nice the cars are. The Z was an awesome build though.
  2. Icehound

    Icehound Z

  3. Here are some photos of how the seats were mounted. Cheers Dave
  4. Nothing yet. I wonder if anyone knows the owner of the vid?
  5. The trans was fixed and is working well now. Thanks again.
  6. There used to be a video on YouTube that featured a very powerful and gorgeous SCCA 240z race car. When clicked-on it says that the video was removed by user. This was the description for the video: The Datsun 240z scca track car vs the Subaru wrx sti on a 2 mile race track. Both of these beautiful exotic machines with fine tuning show there raw power, and full potential that they can perform at. tuner parts supplied from there sponsors maximizes both of the cars potential under the same class of cars competing together. With tuner part nam... Jul 4, 2010 Did anyone happen to dow
  7. Love your wheel/tire choice! Are those Rota RB's? What Size of tire/wheel and what offset? I'm looking at installing the ZG flares and i love the look of your set-up!

  8. You will have to right click and open image in a new tab.
  9. Icehound


    Thank you.
  10. I can't complain they did a good solid job and they do know what they are doing - I feel confident that these seats won't rip out if I'm ever in an accident. I'm willing to pay a bit more if it means less worry in life. -D
  11. I didn't want to get into much fabrication - $. You know it is kind of nice to be a little higher in such a low car, you can see a bit more, you (men) have a bit more shoulder room at the window and the arm rest placement is better because your elbow is a bit higher - and we all know how rock hard those things are. Beyond that there isn't much difference - it would have been nice to have the stock leg room though. -D
  12. Yeah, Speedware is expensive, they are used to rich Mircosoft ex programmer management types who think they can buy cool. $30,000.00 suspension upgrades on 1/4 Million full retromods etc. It's amazing to walk around there to see what people throw money at, it also makes you feel better that there are those who are much bigger fools than you are. You can check their Facebook page for they have some pics there, I didn't take them so I can't post them. Cheers Dave
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