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  1. If you threw it in there without balancing, and you have a driveline vibration... at least you'll know why
  2. 5 year update: this clutch still feels and performs great. Car is autocrossed monthly and driven on weekends.
  3. Threw a spare coil at it. Starts right up, over and over. Makes sense, yes? Bad coil giving too much resistance, low spark energy, not enough to start the car without a second battery but enough to keep a running motor, running... sluggish performance from inefficient combustion. I will try driving it tomorrow.
  4. I am running MS1 Extra on a 3.57 board. F54 block with dished pistons from f54 turbo. Compression is 165 on all cyls p79 head 240z "A" grind NA cam 240sx throttle body pallnet fuel rail with 440cc injectors w/inline resistors Non egr n42 intake T04e turbo with nice intercooler Once started, the car runs and drives, although it feels like a 140 HP car off boost - enough to get out of its own way, but not quick. On boost, it feels about as quick as my old 2.8L NA. It will only rev to about 5000-5100 RPMs before it just doesn't want to rev anymore. It is very
  5. Guy had the heads done, throttle body, and port matching up top. Got it home from the shop and his unemployed dad said, "son, let me show you how to drive that." Romped on it, got the rear end loose, locked up the brakes, and next the car is doing a Dukes of Hazard jump over a center median. Front frame is tweaked, front bodywork is a loss, but the built motor and 6-speed are flawless
  6. Cygnus, for those of us running other versions of MS, a few screenshots or another video file of your tune would be much appreciated.
  7. Nice work! Really clean integration. It gives the widemouth look you were looking for. Regarding your charger, it's not the drag you should be worried about, it's the lift. I race these cars and if you aren't pretty specific about combating front end lift, they get very uncomfortable in a high horsepower car.
  8. I'll trade you a good shape console for those Techno Toy bump spacers. Shipped or you can come down to San Diego to do the swap. I could meet you in, say, Oceanside or Carlsbad depending on the timing.
  9. Welcome back, Ben! Great talking to you today. She's in good hands. (And thanks for the photos).
  10. Just a clarification on ownership: Yetterben is in WI, and sold it to a guy who had it shipped out here to the West Coast. That guy had it for perhaps 6 months before he gave up on it. Comparing the photos Ben posted to what I received, I think much of the strangeness that I found was done by the intermediate guy. Ben did struggle for a long time to get his maps to run smoothly and reliably (and he blew up two motors). Having added spark control, I can say with confidence that other folks' input in his threads was accurate: 20 degrees fixed advance across the board does not make for a we
  11. I have a very clean 73 shell in San Diego. I bought it before I had a use for it because it was the cleanest unrestored S30 I'd ever seen. Only real rust on the car is in the lower right corner of the hatch window, which can either be repaired or you can replace the whole hatch for under $100. The lack of rust is remarkable, but just as impressive is how straight all the panels are when you look down the sides of the car: It would be an awesome start for someone who is looking for the cleanest and least molested beginning for a solid project. Work on the car immediat
  12. I emailed you. I have a super-straight '73 roller I have been saving for something special, but I have two other S30's to finish in front of it so I need to stop hoarding (see this pic?)... I can sell the silver car. It has blue doors on it now, which are still straight and rust-free. The silver car was originally destined to have a V8 put back into it (one was previously installed and running), but my car priorities have changed and I'm now working on my green turbo 73, then the blue 72 shown above will be getting an LT1. So this one is now extra. Can come as a bare roller,
  13. Here's my first Turbo Z car build thread. I've helped build one in my garage, but only as a helper. It's different when it's yours. I purchased a 73 S30 with 90K miles in non-running, mostly assembled condition for $2000 this spring. It came with the following: ZX F54/p79 w/new Ishino head gasket installed, 160 psi across the board Dished turbo pistons T3/T4 turbo .63 /.60 IC piping in 2.5" and eBay intercooler Nice BOV (forgot which brand) NA cam N42 non egr intake 440cc Supra injectors Pallnet fuel rail +1 extra 240sx throttle body w/spacer + 1 extra
  14. Tidying up this thread... I looked into running the NA dizzy with the mechanical and vac advance locked out, but decided I wanted to go tried and true so I converted to an 83 optical distributor and am running that.
  15. Just to put the solution on this thread's second half (after the car was running), the problem turned out to be the fuel lines. The stock return line was too small for the amount of fuel being put through the system, so fuel pressure varied throughout the RPM range. Going to a larger return line solved the problem.
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