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  1. Actually, to be exact...(2) of them were actually Bad. they had the Pintels sicking out about 1/4 inch....which is not normal, also being that they were probably 30 years old went ahead and changed them all.. at 29.00 A piece could not go wrong.
  2. WELL, FINALLY FIXED!! Bottom line, tons of rust in the tank ( removed and cleaned it out. Took out about almost 1/2 a gallon of rust,) cleaned out all fuel lines and return lines , and lastly Injectors were Bad !!!! once I changed them all my problems went away.. I would strongly recommend Cleaning out youre Gas tanks if you have not already done so... I want to thank to the many people that tried to help me out. I hope this thread Can help someone else along the line...
  3. Newzed. you mentioned hydraulic lash? I have a turbo car has a p90a head non adjustable. My gauge for fuel pressure is fairly new and works fine, I got my pressure to go up to 38psi, better than 28 psi whish is what I was having with vacuum on. I also ran some new ground wires from battery to engine, battery to chassis, and battery to intake where all the other grounds go to , to be sure its not a ground issue. I read this here on hybridZ and sound like an excellent idea. Car now is idling really nice but under load, I still have a very noticeable miss. Even took out fuel se
  4. Tony, I was going to replace them anyways, because I wanted to reroute them thru the side and front of valve cover. So , it was on my to do list anyways...not that I ignored youre suggestion...Rob
  5. Here's where I'm at....when ahead and changed all sparkplug wires with a good set, Also bought the much raved about "de-oxide g5" very expensive too 17.00 for 5 oz can. , sprayed all connectors I could find, including pulling out ECU and spraying all terminals on that...started car, It seems to idle very nice, when I give it throttle I hear maybe a very small miss? I could not test drive it because it started to rain "and this baby doesn't get driven on wet surfaces".... will test drive tomorrow and report back... I have been reading and reading and every article I can find online on similar
  6. Tony, as I mentioned before....I did buy a spark tester and every one checks out after I installed a new MSD blaster coil. I just bought today new spark plug wires I"ll put them on tomorrow and we'll see what happens....I'll report on my findings.... I want to thank all the peeps that have put their two cents in....Rob
  7. well Said, Tony, the spark plug wires are next. Even though they were new when I got the car a few years back....will let you know on that one...thanks
  8. rejracer, I will clean the ecu contacts, that is one thing I have not done. Most if not all other contacts have been cleaned recently and coated with dialectric grease. As far as knowing how do I know which cylinder is lean and which is rich? I pulled one at a time inspected and wrote down findings. As far as parts bought , I was given a list of parts to trouble shoot per my friend the mechanic and I followed it one by one , and replaced part only after each step he gave me had been followed.. @ dexter72, most of the time the miss is minimal at idle, sometimes it even sounds fi
  9. The rich cylinder was the last back one ,which also happens to have the highest compression at 140 psi, all the others are lean and between 135-130 psi....
  10. I did the same thing 1.5 years ago on my 83 turbo, I did weld all the metal completely instead of tacking it every few inches. I then used POR 15 to the hole interior of the car. As a matter of fact I brushed on two thick layers, Followed by dynamat, then jute padding for the rug and then a good quality rug... But , you seem to be doing it pretty much right...
  11. Ok, I went on a 250 mile one way road trip a few weeks ago, car performed flawlessly till 20 miles to final destination, Developed a miss like running in 5 cylinders all of the sudden..trouble shooted all logical things and nothing. Ended up bringing car back home on a trailer, and I will list all the things I have done so far and nothing. At first I thought I had some fuel injectors hanging up, changed a few seemed to improve but after a test drive back to running bad again. here are the things I have done, * all new spark plugs * new coil *new fuel filter *new fuel pump regul
  12. Maybe so on the minilights, but those rims back in the day were very small...a lot of people put then on the mini coopers...I think they were 12" and then some corollas at 13".....that I can remember..
  13. I totally agree jessejames......for the money, you cannot beat the rota's.......I would buy them again and again If I had too....
  14. At the end of the day the reason "we" put rims on our cars is "Looks".....this pretty much sums it up......I have said this before, example.." On the rbr's, Panasport was the first one to make this rim" However, you cannot get this rim from panasport bigger than a 16" and then theres width, you cannot get the nice wide rims either from panasport. In my Case, that's why I bought Rotas and Not panasport.....On my previous turbo zx I had 16" Panasports which I loved " I bought the Car with them already" however , On this Turbo I have now, I wanted a more aggressive look with 17" and Staggered, I
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