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  1. Also, I just heard that US 43 Dragway is down for at least a month due to concrete repair.
  2. I've been to Huntsville the past two weeks. You should try that track when you get the car back. That's where I've had my best luck.
  3. How much room is between the shifter plate and the tunnel? Is there enough room for an offset shifter?
  4. Btw...I'm still looking for the T56 Magnum for 2500ish.
  5. I'd go ahead and spend the "extra scratch" to get one that fits in the first place. Or maybe the magnum will be a perfect fit. But who knows? Just listen to Sunny Z. He'll get you pointed in the right direction with his vague answers to your questions. lol Looks like it might fit. Roll the dice.
  6. Does shifter location mean anything to you? You are clearly missing my point.
  7. Did you read the thread by Tick? The shifter does not sit in the same location. That would be a problem for MOST people. But I'm sure it's no problem for someone with master fabrication skills such as yourself. Have you even looked at the two transmissions side by side? I'm trying to help the guy so he doesn't waste his money on a trans that doesn't fit.
  8. That's not an F-body/GTO style tail housing. Read the link above where Tick Performance explains how it's done. Go ahead and add $1000 to that price.
  9. http://m.ls1tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1359122
  10. Like I said, the Magnum can be modified to look like and to have the same shifter location as the regular T56. Or you could just use the Magnum without the mod and have a poor fit in your stock console. Also, it looks like there's a huge difference in price depending on where you shop. If I knew where the T56 Magnum trans with the regular T56 tail housing was for $2500, I'd sell mine and I'd be all over that.
  11. The shifter sits about 2.5" too far forward on the Magnum. The Magnum is the lower trans in the pic. Take a look at the tail housing. The Magnum looks to be a regular T56 that was rebuilt and retrofit with another type of tail housing. There is a company that sells a T56 Magnum with the correct tail housing to use in the Z but I can't remember who it was. But I do remember it being about $3700 with the correct piece. I just checked, it's D&D Performance...$3,995.
  12. The T56 Magnum has to have a different tail shaft housing installed to fit properly. I'd say it's pretty expensive. Having said that, I'd go with option 1.
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