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  1. do you still have Rick Wongs datsun mounts for sale? thanks
  2. so i found this one near where i live in concord NC for $400. I talked to the seller several times and the day i went to tell him i had the money it was sold. that owner got it rolling and sold it again 2 weeks later. it is now suspose to be somewhere in Illinois and i can't find another like it. =-[ if anyone know what style air dam this is or ever sees this car please contact me. we will reunite one day........
  3. did nissan ever make a rhd "2 seater" 280zx fairlady? ive seen pleenty of 4 seater zx's but no 2 seaters . y is that?
  4. I need the gasket tht seals the window to the rear hatch, i found th hatch to body seal but i need the one that will hold the chrome trim and im not sure where 2 find it.
  5. you should sell it to me that will fix it lol, but really if u ever want to sell i am interested
  6. has anyone else messed with this type of block? I could not find a l28 but i found a w28 in an 82 maxima. i had to drill out the oil galley from the oil pump to the undrilled rear pick up and nad to tap a new hole for the rear pick up. the block is the exact same but drilled diffrently =[ so it requires to also move the dip stick towards the rear of the engine and seal the old oil pick up mounts and old dip stick hole. its really a pain in the ass. i recomed just to rebuild an od l28 but my block had a 4" crack down the side.
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