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  1. Great choice on staying the course. I have a 73 240 with parts for a VQ35 that has been torn down since 1999 so I might have you beat Turbonat!!. Yem, What size square tubing did you use for those engine rails? I like them a lot and mine are in need of some love.
  2. This guy is an import drag racing legend.. Glad to see you on the Z forum!
  3. These are still available and I have posted in the classifieds.. Make me an offer..
  4. I would prefer $550 but make an offer.. I was hoping not to treat this as a classified because it is not in the classifieds.. I am weighing interest to see if I can get what I want for them.... These parts would cost more than $600 when they were actually available. Thanks for all your interest...
  5. I have a set of brand new billet aluminum Rick Wong engine mounts with brand new Toyota Supra insulators. Also have a brand new z31 Rb20det (Rear sump) pan and pickup.. Just weighing interest...
  6. I know this should be in the classifieds, but I doubt anyone would see it.. I am looking for the stock rb20/25 heatshields for the turbo manifold and turbo. In good shape without cracks. If anyone has a set please let me know. Thanks, Adam
  7. Good choice not selling it... F#@& an EVO.. Trust me I know. BTW.. nice burnout..!
  8. In my opinion there is no other place to send your cylinder head.. I speak from personal experiences. I have seen at least 6 heads from Larry's shop and the cleanliness and attention to detail are second to none.. He recently built an entire naturally aspirated 2.0L Dart block Honda B series for an employee at my shop that put down 336 Horsepower on the engine dyno. These type of numbers are not possible without an extremely well flowing head.. And by the way it is ENDYN NOT Endyne.... Also many top engine builders, including Hytech use Larry to build their heads..
  9. I also agree about the fuel filter.... try tipping the filter upsidedown when you remove it, and make sure a bunch of rust and dirt doesnt come out.. You could have a contaminated tank, from that car sitting over the years.. If that looks good I wouldnt look past the ignition system either.. Something has always been up with that... Late
  10. Set it at 11 psi...... or AEM EMS part # 30-1621
  11. Spencer, what the hell is going on with this bastard child?????? Give me a call and we can check this bitch out.. Adam
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