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  1. I have to say, I am intrigued. I am in the middle of a pre-season rebuilding of my track car. I was actually thinking about the possibility of combination of tube frame and FRP replacement of the whole works. My chassis, she has had a long life, and isn't going to last much longer without a lot of work. I also feel dirty when I consider finding another decent chassis and taking off of the road. Certain parts, like the floor and the firewall must be made of steel or aluminum according to the rules. Same for the the fuel cell box. I would be really curious to hear what a no frills
  2. E88. Massively reworked race head. Ported/polished, welded chambers, big cam, etc.
  3. Sorry to drag this up again. Still hunting for the elusive short valves. After speaking with a few guys, it sort of sounds like I might be able to use the long ones. With the amount of adjustability we have (lash pads and solid 'lifters') does that 1 mm actually matter. Can that 1mm be adjusted within spec. I don't want to wipe out my cam or anything, so obviously care would need to be taken, but 1mm does not seem like a lot considering the adjusters alone can move more than that.
  4. hmmm, 114.3mm + 3mm = 117.3mm. I think those are the long ones Dangit!
  5. Are you looking at these for the L28ET? What head would those be for? They look even shorter, or maybe they are just measured different. F1839P I 44 mm 8 mm 114.3 mm 3 mm 20º Super Flo. Stock size
  6. Yeah, been there. Only ones I can find are from some sketchy looking stuff from datsunpartsllc.
  7. Their site doesn't imply that they carry the short ones If a guy gets the long ones, are they long enough that they can be cut down and re-grooved?
  8. Hmm, their websites are both crap, I will have to give them a call. I have been pouring through catalogs to see if someone even makes a blank or a longer valve that can be re-cut, but I am not coming up with anything. Nothing at Ferrea, or Manley that I can see. Google's results are even limited other than one sketch-ish ebay store. RPM machine seems like they might carry some SI stock, they will get a call too.
  9. I am in the process of rebuilding my head and I am in need of some new intake valves. Si has a part number for them, but they are out of stock and say it will be a few months. They are 44mmx8mmx116mm, the short ones. I was hoping for some nice stainless ones, this is a budget track motor Anyone have any suggestions? I already got the guides and the exhaust valves from SI. Thanks, Sparky
  10. I bought the 66.1mm wheel spacers by accident when I got mine. Bought a couple 2" flapper wheels and stuck em on the drill press and opened up the hole. Worked pretty good, but count on using up a flapper wheel for each spacer. I did 2 and all but completely used up 2 flappers.
  11. If the machine shop is ever going to be done with my motor

  12. I was just curious what peoples opinions are out there. I guess the question started when I started looking at getting a good harmonic balancer that would easily carry an EDIS trigger wheel. The BHJ/Rebello setup is nice, but they only come with the 60-2 wheel (BHJ will make a 36-2, for a small fee of $290). That got me looking into the cost effectiveness of the electromotive systems. They really aren't that different when you consider the costs of a race motor these days. I am not going to gripe over a couple hundred dollars if it means I can get the most out of my motor. I want to keep
  13. Ah, found it Here. I was trying to do that, but I had one of the old lever style buckles, like on a plane. I was meaning to hit up the junkyard and see what else I can find. Good pics, thanks.
  14. I did some mods to my 20 year old roll cage yesterday (Happy Canada Day!!!) and thought I would share them. I basically cut off everything back of the main hoop and replaced it. We removed the curved rear stays that went to the plate you can see on the floor, put some 3/16" plate on and around the strut towers, new rear stays, cross brace, and increased the size of the strut tower bar to match the rest of the cage. I am not a fan of the angle the belts need to go to get to the strut tower, I may think of adding a harness bar later (had to cut out the old one that was on the old
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