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  1. Has anyone had an L6 or any other engine built By Top End Performance in Chattsowrth. I've been on their site and they seem to do some impressive work. I know that Rebello is almost the gold standard here it seems, but I was looking for a possible alternative closer to home (San Diego).
  2. acfitzzzz

    Top End Performance - Chattsowirth, CA

    Thanks Primaz, I'll look into them.
  3. Hi All, Well I am finally getting close to building another Z. Now that the prices have risen 10 fold or so, I figure I'll spend my money... LOL. This would be my 4th Z car. So, I am looking into doing a complete build on an S30, probably a 76-78, as I just cant justifying tearing up a 240 now that the values are through the roof. I am looking at a complete build, engine, tranny, suspension, brakes, etc, etc. I am thinking about a few different motor configurations. Ideally I would like to see RWHP in the 375 to 425 area, and torque somewhat commensurate with those numbers. I have thought about a NA motor, but not so sure I will see those numbers from an NA motor. As I hate turbo lag, but love the top end of a turbo, I was pondering a twin scroll type of a set up. My budget is in the $15K to $20k area for the motor. As many of you on this site have much more experience in this area than I do I would love to get some input from you as to what your thoughts are on this project and which way would you go, NA 3.2 motor, slightly built RB series motor, single twin scroll or twin turbo? Also, if I decide to go RB who is a good RB engine builder out there, I am in the Washington state area. I should add that I am not looking for a drag car, but something more like a solid GT car that can also handle some light track day fun. Thank you in advance for your input.
  4. acfitzzzz

    Too many choices, HELP RB VS L28

    30 Ounce, thanks for the input. What do you think a well behaved, without much turbo lag RB25 or 26 could put to the rear wheels? Obviously our cares are light so they don't need really a lot of HP ot TQ to move them along well.
  5. acfitzzzz

    Which is better rb 25 or rb26?

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question for those of you in the know who have been playing with the rb series of engines. I am looking at doing a 280z build up and plan on using an rb engine. My problem is is that I am not sure which one to go with. I am not as concerned about the cost differential between the two as I am about the driving characteristics of each motor. I am planning on building a canyon carver, spirited street driving and an occasional autocross car. I would love to have rwhp in the 400-425 range, so fairly mild as I see compared to other builds on here. I am concerned with turbo lag and drivability/tractability around town and in the canyons. With all that said which is the better engine to go for, Single turbo rb25 or dett rb 26? Thanks for your input.
  6. acfitzzzz

    Project 240Z Turbo ITB Install

    Hi Joe, great post on the ITB turbo set up. This is a route I also hope to go using the ITB's from Efi Hardware in Australia. When you built your air intake plenum were there any specific volume calculations you were trying to achieve or was it done more in a "what will fit" manner? Do you have any more pics of the air intake that you can post? Keep up the great work and the great posts. Adrian
  7. acfitzzzz

    Vq35HR and A/C

    Hi Folks, I am weighing the options between a VQ35 swap and RB26 swap. I have been scouring the posts and threads to find out if anyone has successfully done a VQ35 swap and retained the A/C compressor. I have used the search feature and only found passing reference to the subject, or found that most people just forgo the A/C unit. Living in San Diego it can get pretty warm and I would rather keep the A/C, or perhaps look at an RB26 swap instead and keep the A/C. The car I am looking at swapping with is 1975 280z. Thanks in advance for any input and advice.
  8. acfitzzzz

    The Ultimate Suspension Setup

    I need some advice from those of you who know more than me, and yes that would be about 90% of the brain trust on this site (never ceases to amaze me at how in-depth and detailed the engineering is from "backyard" mechanics on this site, Harvard School of engineering should take notes ). I am looking to start a new Z project. Hopefully will use a 73 240 as the car to start with. Amongst all of the many systems of the car, I am looking to set up the "ultimate" suspension for this car. I plan to rotisserie the car and to stitch weld the body together. Bad Dog SFC's are definitely on the list as well. I am torn as to what suspension system to use. Arizona Z makes some beautiful products, as do quite a few other suppliers out there. This car will see a few auto cross events, but not the big track. It will be a canyon carver for fun spirited driving, but as I plan on using it for long road trips I want a set up that is either adjustable or can easily be modified to be comfortable on long road trips. I am fortunate in that I am not hampered by a restrictive budget for this project, so I am looking for the best, not the best that I have to squeeze into my wallet. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks much, Adrian
  9. Hi Guys, Does anyone have a phone number for Bad Dog Parts? Seems like their website is down currently. Thanks much, Adrian
  10. acfitzzzz

    building a hot street car

    What size exhaust are you running on that? Sounds fantastic!
  11. acfitzzzz

    Bad Dog Parts

    I Just spoke to John, seems like his website got attacked, but he is alive and well..LOL
  12. acfitzzzz

    370z Steering Wheel Swap

    Hi Guys, Has anyone attempted to swap a steering wheel with all of it's audio and phone controls from a 370z to and S30. I'm looking at the new Pioneer NEX series and was thinking of retrofitting one into a 78z and thought it would be great to have the modern controls and look of the 370's steering wheel.
  13. acfitzzzz

    Vq35HR and A/C

    Thanks Phar, those are some good ideas to look at. Then again I may take the easy road out and just build a L28ET and go old school.
  14. Hi Folks, I am new to the forum. I have owned several Z cars over the years, and because I am either a hopelss romantic in love the classic good looks and styling of this car, or just a masocist beacuse as I said I have owned these cars before. KInd of like a bad girelfriend that is HOT, you can't live with her and miss her like all heck when she is gone! Anyway, I have herad guys mention that the firewall isa weak point and needs to be strengthend. I can not find any refernce in any of the posts here, or on other sites, how to go about that. I am planning to buy a 74 260 (damn that evil CA DMV and their regs.) and do an engine swap with a VQ37. I may build it up a bit to put out bout 350HP. Any help from those who know more than me (that would be just about everyone) would be greatly appreciated.