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  1. interested in trades?
  2. Having a little trouble with pictures, but I built this neat little....big...spoiler the other day. I'll eventually make some billet hinges for it, and some not-cheap adjusting rods, but I dig the look of it. Before you say anything keep in mind that a) it isn't finished. I know it's way too big to be practical in the production of downforce vs drag. C) I like it, so I'm not really bothered by anyone's negatime opinion, so don't bother with one. But. If anyone has any legitimate insight into the effectiveness of said part, I would love to hear some. I've buzzed over the wind tunnel analysis thread a few times, but I've only read about bre style spoilers. Haven't seen any articles on smaller adjustable/fabricated spoilers, but I haven't looked particularly hard either. If it will look cool and kill some rear end lift I can live with a little drag. Once the car is built I'll be primarily using it as a daily/mountain basher, so I doubt a little drag will bother a 650+whp 2800lb car at slightly higher than highway speeds. Bottom line, I like it. But hey, if somebody wants a smaller one, or one with a different shape, or standoffs for a big wang, hit me up. I drew and cut this one by hand, but can easily draw things on bobcad and waterjet or plasma cut them.
  3. 1969 honda, the m112 core measures 11-3/4 x 3-11/16, the flange 14 x 5-7/8, and OAL is 15" including the coolant outlet
  4. Sooooooo. Anyone here good with electrical systems? Car isn't charging. I had just assumed when I got it that it needed a battery, but, after swapping batteries with my truck, I've come to the conclusion it simply isn't charging. Wiring/electronics are my biggest failing, so I'm needing some help. I've some a little checking, have battery voltage at the sense wire, and the bat+ wire, but 0 volts at the field/lamp wire. Alternator looks brand new, so I think it's safe to rule it out as the problem
  5. Well, looks like one picture is all I get to upload. It's great living in cellular hell. Verizon rocks, lol. Took it for a drive after some timing adjustments last night, and magically lost all my gauges. Clock started working! But every other gauge apart from the speedo is now dead. Yaaaaaayyyy
  6. Finally! *insert party emoji here* after a deep, deep, two day charge, it's driveable! I've been driving it to work and back since tuesday. Fun little car. Pretty sure it's cammed. Has a nice lope. Everything else seems pretty good. Has some rear end noise on decel. probably from a shade tree rebuild with plenty of lash. Just makes me even more eager to get this swap together. Gosh this car would be great with 600whp. I'm genuinely excited. I tried to upload pictures, but my WiFi just isn't gonna cut it. I'll try again tomorrow at work...
  7. I'll throw a tape on it as soon as I get the chance. Don't get many if those anymore :/
  8. I was planning on using an m112 cooler (already have one laying around). Haven't done any hard measuring on it, but it may clear the hood with a heat extractor setup. I initially bought the xlrv 122 specifically for the laminova style setup, but like I said, dealing with the reverse staggered ports was going to be a hassle
  9. Cool. My friend has a tt proam 350z. I was just talking with him a few days ago about cd009 vs cd001. Just not sure where I want to go. I'm going to machine my pullis (most likely 10 rib) to be the same drive ratio as whatever the high boost Eaton gt500 guys are running, and go to town porting the heads. 10.5:1 with a lot of boost and awesome flowing heads, even with tiny cams, is going to make alot of power on e85. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see it crack 600whp...so the tranny needs to be tough
  10. Cool deal. I'm honestly more worried about transmission options than engine specifics right now. I think Trans will probably end up being the most expensive/difficult part of the whole thing. At the moment I'm just worried about getting it running and reliable like it is. When I get a little more money together I'm going to order a colortune to get the carbs set up. Apart from simple tuning problems, I think it also has a charging problem. Runs like crap with the headlights on. Misses and sputters at WOT, turn em off and it immediately picks up and takes off. Fun stuff
  11. As far as I know bore spacing is the same. And thanks for the info on vk50 head studs! I was going to have arp throw together a set that are the correct length, but if the vk stuff is considerably cheaper I may go that route. As far as cheap blowers go, eBay usually has a few that are really decently priced. Pretty sad that you can get a 122 cheaper than a 112 nowadays, especially considering the fact that 122s are like a 40whp bolt on pulley to pulley on cobras, lol. Speaking of cobras, I'll most likely be grabbing an 8.8 IRS chunk to put in this car. My 03 had an FRPP 3.55 gear set, and a gt500 diff with carbon fiber clutches, and it was the best diff I've ever driven. It was nice having a car that wanted to be sideways all the time.
  12. Yeah, it is. But I don't have the case anymore, and it was honestly proving itself to be more trouble than its worth. The heads are staggered opposite of most V8s on northstars, so the ports were going to be way out of alignment. I was going to end up shaving all the intake stuff off of it and starting from just a supercharger. I'll probably just stick with a GT500 unit this time around. Moar monies, but less hassle
  13. Well. Looks like it's time to re-fire this thread! The project tanked after life jumped in and kicked me in the face. Ended up selling the car about a year ago as a roller. Good news is that I, just this past weekend, have acquired yet another 78 280. This time it's a driver though. Stock l28 that's been dragged back into the olden days with an SU swap. I'll be putting a new fuel pump in it tomorrow night and yanking the nasty stock bumpers. After that I'll probably daily it until my truck is finished, then work on the VK will resume. Already have mounts built, just need to throw it back together, start over on supercharger fab, and find a transmission and ecm to finish it all up. Plus a fuel system and all the other obvious stuff. I'll get pictures up sometime after the bimpersonal are off, but it looks like I'm in for the long haul. That's never certain with me though. Major car ADD. Since the last post I've owned and sold; an 86 318i, an 82 Volvo wagon (had 1uz swap plans), a mildly built 03 Saleen s/c, a pretty well built 03 cobra, an LT1 swapped 76 Vega wagon, and an 07 Colorado and ls swapped square body, both of which I still have. I PLAN to finish this one...but sometimes things don't go as planned.
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