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  1. Datsun570z

    Ls3 transformation

    Rebuilt the Z last July-September 2015 and changed a bunch of things.
  2. Datsun570z

    1975 280z Ls3

    Here are some pictures of my build starting about 3 years ago up until now.
  3. Datsun570z

    LS Parts for sale

    Do you have any ls6 or Ls2 heads. Prefer the 243.
  4. Datsun570z

    R230 diff and Axles

    Hi, I know its been a while but do you still have this set up?
  5. Datsun570z

    Looking for R230 set up

    Hi, Im looking for a R230 set up that someone has just sitting around ready to go into the car. I have a ready 75' 280z that needs this set up. Please contact me if you are interested in selling yours. I saw one on here go for about $550 bucks which was a steal. Im willing to pay much more. thank you Datsun570z
  6. Datsun570z

    LS/T56/240z Project Mentor Wanted

    Rebekah what are you running as a rearend with your ls2 set up?
  7. Datsun570z

    Z32 300zx 5 speed 90-96

    Do you have cvs off that car? Prefer the six bolt ones. Thx
  8. Datsun570z

    wtb r180, or r200

    I will have a 1975 r200 open out of 280z auto. make offer! South San Jose
  9. Datsun570z

    280z rear springs needed.

    I have a set that I was about to throw away.
  10. Datsun570z

    R230 6 bolt to 4 bolt companion flange adapters

    So basically this is what I am thinking. 1. You would buy the rear and front mounting set up from TTT- $400 done with minor notching. 2. Depending on the R230 you have 5 or 6 bolt flanges I believe the shaft splines would be the same for cv axle shaft - Custom $ (still trying to figure out lengths etc with this setup) 3. Aluminum Companion Flange would be made to bolt onto existing 4 bolt stock companion flange and have 5 or 6 bolt adapter option- $ price may vary and still researching 4. You make custom drive shaft at local shop This essentially will bolt the r230 into your car with minor mods and get you on the road. Now Horsepower/Torque etc is the only down side. I have heard SOOOOOO many different things about stub axle, # of splines, companion flanges and cv's. Guys that have been had Z's for 30 years say that you don't break the stub axle/companion flange unless your drag racing all the time with 300-400 hp to the rear wheels. Others say the cv's will hold up no problem and some say the splines will break hence the 39 spline stub axle that is being made. TTT set up- approx. $ 3000 Arizona- $$$$ a lot Chequered Flag- 39 spline stub axles- $830 pair and $540 for companion flange which eliminates my aluminum adapter and requires different cv axles custom made as well. My goal price depending on quantity wanted- $200 aluminum flanges, $400-600 axles which means for about $1000-1200 you can have the r230 installed in your Z minus R230 purchase and 4 cv axles that match your diff. My goal- If your running around 300-400 hp/torque this set up should work for you as long as you know that beating on it could break the stub axle which to me is the weakest link after this setup is installed. I have a 280z with 27 spline stub axles(stock) and running the LS1/T56/R230 set up but haven't gotten the axles measured. Will it work? Can I make this happen? Its all comes down to time, help and finding the right shops. I will keep you posted on this and perhaps post pictures down the road. Thanks
  11. Datsun570z

    TTT Mustache bar

    Is this sold already?
  12. Datsun570z

    R230 swap parts for s30

    Looking for r230 swap parts as I already have the r230 rear end and axles. Would like axles, companion flanges mounting brackets if you have them. Recently sold on HybridZ was the q45 MM set up and it went for cheap with everything. I will pay twice the amount the guy did for the set it. Please message me if you have such a set up or parts available. thank you
  13. Datsun570z

    240sx rear disc conversion brackets.

    How much for the brackets?
  14. Datsun570z


    Will this fit the r230 as well?