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  1. Just wanted to make sure you saw that I've got the thread up for this year's bay area HBZ meet. It's only 4 weeks away! Hope you can make it. You can RSVP in the thread here. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/93737-norcal-bay-area-hybridz-bbq-2010/

  2. hello my name is dan and i am building 74 383ci 260z. I am in the process of doing q45 diff swap and am stuck. Upon reading some of your posts I saw that you did a q45 swap also and had good luck. Im seriously considering buying a pair of axle adaptors from a man who lives in walnut creek. From what i read it looks like you used something similar? i have been looking for information regarding which axles are used for this swap, but cannot find anybody using anything except the ones that Modern Motersports sells, i was wandering if you might know if these work with the locally made adaptors?? (the billet aluminum ones)... Any information your willing to part with will be greatly appreciated... as i am not able to move forward with the swap until i figure out my dilemma. :-(

  3. Hey I am in CA and am starting my LS1 swap. I was wondering since your in CA with a post '75 street legal? Z if you wouldn't mind me asking you some questions how you dealt with a few things that I am worried about?


    From reading your post in the LS1 Car Club! you sound like you know what your doing and have made a very stout car. I would really appreciate any knowledge you are willing to send my way.

  4. I found this thread before it "fell off." Yes, my baby has a good home. Kind of a different transaction from the usual. You know, swap of money and paper work and each goes there seperate ways. This was more like adoption. Meet the the "parents", spend time with them and most importiant of all, my aproval. I'm vary happy she has gone to a good home. If not...... I'll be filing papers saying your an abusive person and will be coming to Texas to take her back!!!! Definitions of Non Abusive: Weekly trips to the track. (to race). Slipping the clutch at 6800. Your, soon to be, best 60' times! Doesn't like the clutch dropped. Burn outs, smokem. Walking away from autos (some that cost at least 10 times as much) that THINK they can take you. Keep your camera handy, facial expressions are priceless! Drive her hard, I built her not to break. Don't forget about a nice mellow cruise as the sun is going down! Definition of abusive: Short, Sweet and Simple..... Treating her like something you did not spend your hard earned money on!! I'll leave it at that. Enjoy! Joey p.s. Erik, p.m. me your address so I can send you lots of pictures of her growing up. I also have a dyno sheet for you (i'll do a post of the awesome numbers). Also, some odds and ends she left behind.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY, and many many more!!! Joey
  6. I would recommend staying with oem. Advance auto parts and Zoom don't sound good. The LS6-Z06 is a great set up and a bang for the buck. Grabs excellent, no chatter and a soft pedal. On top of that, you can't go wrong for the price! I ran a 10.94 @ 127.00 in my Z with that set up. Here is a link for you. http://www.sdparts.com/product/12570806/LS6Z06FlywheelClutchandPressurePlateAssembly.aspx Or you can step up to the LS7-Z06 set up. It can handle more h.p. and torque. Same feel as the LS6-Z06. Here are links to the kit and flywheel. http://www.sdparts.com/product/24238412/GMPerformanceLS7PressurePlateKit.aspx (plate and disc) and http://www.sdparts.com/product/12571611/GMPerformanceLS2Flywheel.aspx (flywheel) Joey
  7. The lower hose is the stock camaro hose. The upper, I can't remember. I believe I posted the part numbers a while ago. Maybe search my posts or pm Mike Knell. I'm sure he knows. Joey p.s. Looks great!!!!
  8. Hahahaha!!! Thats funny Mike! There is a story behind it.... I've always been a huge Michael Jackson fan. I dress, act and even try to dance like him. I've got the moon walk down!! JUST KIDDING!!! Real story! The pic is around 3-4 years old or so. The car was underconstruction. I called JTR to order the rad and mounting. I was talking to Mike's bro, telling him about my project. His responce was "My brother wants to talk to you." Mike Knell brought the rad kit out to my shop as well as the intake ducting. He installed it on my car as well as the one fuel rail cover (i guess so people would know what motor it is) and took alot of pix. I've known Mike for a few years now and he has been a big help with the 280z as well as my FD. O.K. To get back on track. The taurus fan you want is for a 3.8l (2 speed) from the 90's. 25.00 from a wrecking yard. Joey
  9. Use the Ford Taurus fan. It mounts up real nice to JTR'S rad and mounting. Also, you might want to use the cold air intake ducting from them also. Here's a link to JTR's site with a pic of my 77 Z. https://shell7.tdl.com/~jags/Pages/Parts_DAT-Z_LS1-AirDucting.html. Joey
  10. Hey Justin, Contact Mike Knell (JTR). He told me there are 2 companys making kits and they are very expensive. Joey
  11. Glad you guys had a safe trip down. Best of luck on your new business adventure!!! MAS280 and I WILL be down to see ya!! I'm looking forward to it! Except for going to Tijuana a few times. I spent the day in Cozumel on a cruise a couple of years ago. Joey
  12. Hey Cyrus! Kind of funny, I saw your old (smurf) blue Z last night! I believe the guy that has it is going LS2. Anyways, what about p.m.ing Darius or Justin Samberg. Joey
  13. Update to this thread... First off ROSS ROCKS!!! Great person to deal with and got the stops to me very quickly!! The stops are the same as the pic. I installed 4 stops into Ulises's half shafts and..... No more problems!! The diff of before and after. Before I had around 3 inches of travel or movement of the axles. Now an inch at the most. Ross sent me 3 sets. I will be installing a set in my Z as well as my clean up kids Z (HEAVYZ's old Z). Joey
  14. I figure I would do an update on the crappy luck I've been having. I've managed to wreck the motors in both my cars in a months time!! This is getting expensive! Heres the story's on the 2 cars and maybe someone can learn and avoid my mistakes. 95 RX7, LS2-402. I bought the long block used with probably 1500 miles. I put around another 500. The car is mainly road raced and driven on the street. The engine devloped tons of blow by. Like a small block chevy with 300k! Got the motor pulled and sent to my machine shop. The motor had 4 cracked pistons on the 2nd ring lands, Due to detonation. Friends, the machine shop and I came to some conclusions to aviod this again. The TEA stage 3 heads were cut down from 64cc to 56cc, Making my compression 12:1. A little on the high side for pump gas. I'm gonna put my AFR 205's off the Z, to bring compression down to 11:1. The factory Mazda wiring was only giving the Walbro 255 9.5 volts with the car running. I've switched out the pump for a TT Supra pump (280 gph). And corrected the wiring, now has charging system voltage. I'm adding catch cans to both sides of the pcv system. Sucking oil through the pcv system lowers the octane of fuel as well as raises the compression! Tuning... The car is speed dencity tuned w/o o2 sensors. I'm gonna go to a different tuner and add o2's. I believe the car could have been running lean under different conditions (road racing). The car will also now have a A/F ratio gauge. I was also told my plugs are the wrong heat range (t-55). I'll be going to a t-6 or 7 plug. I believe the combination of these things killed the motor! Now for the Datsun..... The Z is mainly drag raced and driven on the street. It has been the most reliable car the last 3 years!! A friend with a SRT-4, claiming 400 hp at the wheels and trapping at 130 wanted to do some pulls on the freeway. 40-120 or so. No! I'm not a fan of street racing! We went out very early last sunday. On our 6th pull (yes i was pulling on him) The Z devloped a very loud rod knock on hard accel. Pulled off the freeway, good oil pressure and temp. Oil was 1/2 qt low and clean. Idled fine but on even a light accel it was knocking!! I was 2 blocks from my house and the motor came apart! F*%K!! I talked to my tuner and he said it happens with the LS1 motors. I picked up a long block for 1k! From a friend and member here that I sold this motor to. I'm gonna put the TEA heads on the Z and have the car retuned. This is starting to get expensive!!!! Besides the luck I've had with ULISES's car, See thread http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=122139 . I cannot win!!! All of this will work out and I will have 3 beasts back on the road and better than ever!!! Joey
  15. Welcome to Hybridz Justin!! I've been to Justins shop and Darius's car is a fine example of the type of work he does!! He has done work for me as well as a few members here. Keep it up Justin!! Joey
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