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  1. Looks like 16x10 +0 wont fit fronts Ill have to run negative offset 8" wide then! Ive gotten my sizes from various different cars running insanely wide and negative offset wheels http://www.stancenation.com/2012/04/07/classic-beauty/ (16x10.5 -32 all round) Also a popular size with the RB rotas are F: 16x9 -13, R:16x9.5 -19 (with flares) I basically chose a size inbetween the two above sizes
  2. I wont be cutting fenders at all.. I may roll them I need the tyre to tuck under the metal stock gaurd, hence why I need to run stretch tyres on a wider rim Im thinking now 16x8 fronts with maybe -25 offset and 16x10 -25 rears
  3. Thanks guys... Just to make it clear, I will definately be running bolt on flares and coilovers. If you are running coilovers, why did you have to cut the stock spring perch? That means 10 wide 0 offset will hit the coikover strut?
  4. I am planning to run triple 40s on my L28. Its standard rebuilt engine Same block as yours, F54 but running N42 heads I was told by a guy who races 260z, that 40s are perfect size for L28 and should improve midrange alot. IF you were gonna run a bigger cam or porting, then you can increase to 45s.. but ultimately, both are fine for a L28
  5. Hi from Australia! So im trying to decide on wheel sizes for my 260z, and as the tags suggest, my aim is the car to end up having aggressive stance and being slammed I want to ask people for suggestions which they have actually tried themselves! AS there is so many wheel choices from stock wheels to 16x10.5 -32!! Its hard to pick which ones will fit 'perfect' without the annoyance of rubbing etc. (but feature articles dont suggest any of this) I need to run 16" or bigger wheels (but I prefer 16".. im running R32 GTR brakes upfront, and SMM rear brake kit. I will be running coilovers with camber plates and probably running max negative camber (-3/-4*) I was thinking of running F:16x10 +0 (225 wide tyre) R: 16x10 -25 (225 wide tyre) Tyres will obviously be stretched, and yes I will be running ZG style flares Has anyone had any experience with similar sizes to this? Any scraping, rubbing when turning or going over bumps? Would it clear coilovers easily? Do I need to run any spacers? Any idea if these will clear R32 GTR front brakes? Thanks all
  6. Will be super keen for a set in black
  7. Hi all, I am after a complete BLACK interior, must be in good condition) minus the following parts: Dash/console Seats (Front and rear) Carpet Wheel Gearknob As for door trims, I am willing to buy the skin if they are in good condition I basically need every part you can think of in BLACK! Please if you can, post up pics and a price I am in Australia, but am prepared to pay for postage Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies! I have been looking at this forum and several others for a while now, trying to build my knowledge, but as you say, it is very difficult sorting through exact threads I want (without reading them all) So a stock L26 head is a E88? What is a N42 off? So if I don't want to decrease my CR, want a head to lfow better than E88 but not going force induction, then N42 is the one?! edit: found a really good thread in regards to heads: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php?topic=6012.0 So looks like I already have the N42 head.. my 260z is a 1977.. late model? Guess Ill find out when I strip it down (square exh ports) I want to get the most out of the engine without going stupidly high compression ratios or forced induction (or forging my engine) I don't mind paying the money for a triple carby setup, as this is what ive wanted for a while! Looks and sounds awesome haha! The money doesn't phase me too much.. the planned RB26 and RB25 are now for sale, so it will fund this engine quite easily Do any of the cams have numbers? ie 274/274*?
  9. Hi all, So ive just bought my 260z, and know absolutely nothing about them, and a little overwhelmed venturing into this project I do have mechanical knowledge from previous builds, but mainly to do with EFI and turbos. I do have a 1L N/A carby van though which I tinker with haha But this time around ive decided to go against what I know most about, and go down the N/A carby route! So have decided in rebuilding the original motor and keep the car more "classic" spec.. and learn a thing or two along the way My plans for the rebuild are: Original block, freshened up with new piston and rings I want to run a cam, but no idea where to start or what to even consider.. any help? Im investing in a triple carb setup up, Mikuni or Weber - thinking 40mm Should I be looking at a different head for the L26? P90, E88 or something.. I don't know the difference! Does ignition need to be upgraded? I definitely do no want to run mechanical dizzy (if it has one!) The car will be used for a weekend/street car. Not looking for huge amount of power, but would like something a bit more powerful than stock! As for drivetrain, im planning to run a stock 260z box with stock diff.. or should these be looked at? Is a 280z diff stronger? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Awesome build mate! Subscribed! Gives me great inspiration to start mine.. keep updating
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