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  1. sorry, ive been busy with a lot of stuff. so the sliders fit great and have plenty of real estate for whatever seat you will ever want to run. without having to modify the seats. am now just waiting until i put in new chassis seat mounts. ill update when the seats are in
  2. i have one, pm if interested
  3. i have the same harness you have but what i noticed in the instructions is that it says "if you have spec 1 use this connector, if you have spec 2 use the other one. then to tape off the unused connector." so yes, they are correct the harness will "work", but that is only because they have both sets of plugs lol
  4. i have a heater core out of my 77' ready to go, just pm if interested
  5. don't the series 1 and 2 have different ECU's? so if you were to swap you would need to get the matching ECU? "The most obvious change to the system was the introduction of ignition coils with built in ignitors, therefore the coil ignitor that was on previous models was not used. Other changes were, different air flow meter, engine ECU, cam angle sensor and throttle position sensor. Mechanically Series 1 and Series 2 are very similar, the only mechanical difference would be thecamshafts as the Series 2 Cam Angle Sensor's shaft that goes into the exhaust cam is slightly different. This is very
  6. i have an oem wood 4spd one from my 280z
  7. For $100 EBB will fix the angle and extend the inlet. I want to keep the chassis as oem as possible
  8. if you used a credit card to pay paypal you can dispute it through them or your bank account. i had to do that over a year and a half after payment and getting promised i was going to get my stuff
  9. Ok have them half way installed, i will need to drill two holes for the rear seat bolts and weld on nuts to make mounting the seats to the chassis easier but all that is simple stuff. I'll update with photos when I get back from vacation.
  10. yea it is kinda weird, but its ok. my friend does some amazing welding, here is a taste of his aluminum skills
  11. nope, mckinney mounts w/ a no-name intake. i contacted mckinney and asked about them and they said you have to modify the intake angle with the mounts i have because they designed the mounts to move the engine as far back into the engine bay as possible to create room for the radiator and anything else you would need to put in the front of the bay.
  12. i have the adapter but the problem i am facing is that the intake is too close to the strut tower so there is not enough clearance for the throttle body. im going to send the intake to my friend at EBB to have him modify and weld it up all sexy.
  13. i think i have a problem... i seem to be collecting seats...
  14. i believe my old engine/tranny is at my friends house and he is currently TDY at the moment, but if he still has it you could probably pick it up towards the end of the month.
  15. according to the maintenance manual it plugs into a plug on wiper combination switch. but this is also for the 77' 280z, it might be different on yours since you didnt mention what year or model its for.
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