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  1. Hey, look up Knocksense. It is a knock sensor and controller made to work with MSII, its what I use on my turbo car. http://www.viatrack.ca/
  2. Your priming pulse, cranking pulse and afterstart enrichments all look astronomically high compared to what I'm running. Also your afr ratios at idle/off idle are quite high, I find my engine idles best at 12.5~ ratio and leans to 14~ at cruise rpm 2500-3000 rpm. The stock turbo injectors are 260cc and your required fuel seems high as well.(should be around 12, not 24
  3. I have been digging thru my parts putting together a turbo auto trans and trying to figure out the correct (higher stall) torque converter to use. The FSM states the non turbo 3n71b uses a "G" code converter and the turbo uses a "A" code. The one I found that I believe came off the car is stamped "GA". Anyone know if this is the correct turbo converter or have one to reference? I have done an exhaustive search and cant seem to find any reference to the GA code on a turbo converter.
  4. Its a common misconception that the F54 blocks are Siamesed. In fact its the n42 blocks that have the front three and rear three cylinders all attached. F54 blocks have coolant passages between all cylinders. However there is no "better" block, they both work without difference. The blocks on these engines certainly are not a weak point in a build.
  5. You will have to drill a small hole at the leading edge of the crack, that is the only way to stop further progression. As far as repairing it, anything you'll do will most likely end up looking worse then just leaving it as is with the hole drilled. If your concerned about water leaking in, I would recommend a flexible caulking such as Lexel (very clear and durable). Any ridged glue or the sort is likely to just re-crack with changes in temperature and vibration.
  6. I recently bought a P90 head (it was a good price) however the previous owner has tried to port match the square exhaust to the diamond manifold by flaring the last 1/2-3/4" of the port out. The port is still undersize of the manifold (prob 1 to 1.5 mm all around) to create a anti-reversion lip, but I'm wondering if this would be detrimental to flow or performance. I'm not sure if anyone has encountered this before, or has an insight, but any info would be appreciated.
  7. I am installing a turbo engine into my 79 zx, and just wondering if I will need to swap in the vacuum pump in order to maintain use of the cruise and a/c when the engine is in boost. If so does anyone have any insight into wiring it in to the 79 wire harness? Thanks for any info
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