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  1. Okay so i guess i start off with its a 1978 280z non turbo 5speed. New injectors, injector connections,mAf,temp sensor,thermo switch,radiator,fan clutch works,water pump works,what i beleive is an aftermarket 280z fuel pump hard wired to the battery on a switch, oil change and checked for vacuum leaks(none). So the car heats up past operating temp fast even in the cold mornings within 5 minutes and stays there doesnt change with speed or sitting still. After like 15-20 minutes the car will buck but only from a dead stop and under 1500-2k in first if i rev it past that and then release the clutch it doesnt happen.the bucking isnt bad. It idles perfectly at 750 and revs dont bounce or jump. Starts up fine and revs smooth in natural all the way up to 6k the speedo jumps under 20 but stops after that. Any ideas on whats.causing the constaint temps in 50° or 97° temps it just stays at the "m" on temp in the gauge once it warms up (within 5-8 minutes) and the bucking at low revs from a stop? I can move the dizzy rotor but only rotational and not alot but i feel like it ahouldt do that? And ideas would be nice i love my Z and want to drive her stress free
  2. So, my question is does the front strut housing off of a 240 bolt directly into a 280z? The only reason why I ask this is because coilovers, and sectioning the struts is easier and cheaper on the 240 struts and instead of cutting and welding the strut housing onto my Z I wanted to see if I could just bolt in the whole front assembly and save myself some headache.
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