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  1. I was just talking about the stack on turbo...I'll link you to a photo. http://i782.photobucket.com/albums/yy106/jdmsfl/4d1.jpg
  2. So I've been doing some research on velocity stacks...nothing gnarly, just enough to get some general knowledge. From what i read there is almost no noticeable power gains BUT the change in sound is apparently very awesome. Is anyone running velocity stacks on their turbos? Are they any downsides? Is it even possible on an l28et since the turbo is not a top mounted one?
  3. Hello friends. I am stuck. I have my stock T3 turbo on my l28et on 12lbs of boost. I have water injection and I always use 91 gas. I'm about a month away from getting Megasquirt 2 installed in my car and tuning it, along with a new FPR, 440cc injectors, a Pallnet fuel rail, and a T3/T4 turbo. The last thing I want is engine detonation right before I get this thing in its final stages for tuning. Can someone please point me in the right direction for a sexy, functioning intercooler that can handle 300-400 hp and that can be installed front mounted in an S130, I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking to piece together my own kit here. If you know of a decent kit for under 400 that'd be great but if not, no worries. I've seen the CXRacing ones and I just can't drop 500 for an intercooler and piping. Gotta save for Megasquirt and the t3/t4. I'm only 16 and I'm working 40 hours a week to get this shit done. Thanks for your help guys.
  4. They are out of a 7MGTE and I got all six of them off ebay for 96.00$ but I have to replace the o-rings and all that good stuff. Also, I did not know they came with an oil cooler, I'm actually looking for a bigger, bosozoku style one.
  5. Sup everyone! I have a 1983 S130 that is just weeks away from having Megasquirt II installed. I'm stoked. I have my 440cc Supra injectors ready to go with my pallnet fuel rail, I'm getting a new fuel pressure regulator and a couple of other goodies - like an oil cooler. Is anyone using an oil cooler that they are absolutely satisfied with and would reccomend to a friend like me? (: Let me know.
  6. Hey guys, just ordered a set of low impedance 440cc 7MGTE injectors for my soon to be megasquirted S130 with an L28ET. I'm talking with Pallnet right now and am about to place an order for an 11mm O-ring fuel rail...are there any add ons (like gauges or etc) that you have purchased from him that you think are worth it?
  7. Dan thank you for the advice. An intercooler is at the top of my list. I have been debating between the CXR RACING kit for the l28 or just building my own from donor parts.
  8. Thank you guys for the help, I really appreciate it! As far as fuel regulators go...I have found two on DIYTUNEIT.com that are functional from I believe 40-75 psi. The only difference they share is that one of them has ORB-6 inlets and the other has ORB-10 inlets. Which one will fit the S130?
  9. Hi everybody! I got me a nice and fine l28et that wants to be megasquirted. I have been doing a lot of research lately on which version to use, what parts will be needed, and all of that juicy stuff. I have decided to go with MS-II, even though they aren't many maps to relate with. I have my 7MGTE 440cc injectors in the mail, and I'm also about to make an order for a custom 11mm O-ring fuel rail from Pallnet. This is where I hit the road block...my goals are 300hp. I know I need a new fuel pump and bigger fuel lines...does anyone else have any recommended or necessary items I need to add to this list? Also, does anyone know where I can locate these fuel pump and fuel line upgrades? I have not seen much info about them. Thanks! , Tate
  10. Hello Everyone! My name is Tate, I'm 16 years old, and this my 1983 S130 Turbo! I purchased the car 6 months ago with my own money that I had saved up from my job at a local pizza parlor. I saw the Z on craigslist for $2k and I had to get it. When I first got it...I knew nothing about how a car worked or what the hell a turbo was. The previous owner had installed an AEM Methanol Injection Kit (which I'm currently running water in...I know my turbo thanks me for that.) He also had installed an AEM Boost Controller with the setting set to 14psi on the stock Garret AiResearch T3 Turbo. I haven't changed it since I bought the car and I don't plan to. I know I don't have an intercooler yet and that I'm still on stock injectors...all very bad things to do with a high Psi setting on a stock turbo but that will all change soon. I actually just purchased an intercooler kit from CXR Racing. The best part about this car...only 75k orginal miles. I have done all the body work and painting myself on this car, as well as putting on the new wheels and tires and other upgrades. I have purchased everything myself and I can't wait to get her up to the high 300 range of whp...that is, if the Xenon S130 L28ET guide isn't lying to me (; I'm very proud of myself and this Z is nowhere near done...so please stay tuned and follow my progress! Here is what the Z first looked like when I bought it...God, I don't even know how I thought that ugly ass wing and those turbo decals were attractive... I still have this Center Tail Light panel by the way if anyone wants it...I know they are pretty rare. The first modification I did was rip out all the ugly 80's maroon interior and respray everything gloss black because #racecar Then I took off that ugly wing that worked better as a lunch table and order a custom JDM Plate Yeah....maybe I should move that JDM Plate to the front... But first...let me paint my tailights black... Here are some front shots I took... My buddy who has an R8 met up with me... Then one day...it dawned on me. I HATE THIS UGLY FADED 80's RED. LET'S MAKE THIS CAR RATTY. SO I DID. First...I resprayed the whole thing in primer grey... It was better...but I still wasn't loving it. My wheel and tire choice bothered me. It didn't scream agressive...it whispered "please don't hurt me." Not my thing. YES I KNOW THEY ARE EPSILONS BUT THEY WERE SO HORRIBLY CURBED FROM THE PREVIOUS OWNER I HATED THEM ANYWAY. So I traded with my buddy for some nice 'hipari' 195/55 tires and some pretty sweet steelies. Mmmmm....MUCH BETTER. Group Photo with me and my JDM Buddies... Fixed the JDM Plate by the way...(: It still wasn't doing it for me though...something was missing. I had seen something on, HybridZ...at least I think was HybridZ...where some dude with an s130 bought a Victory Spoiler for an s30 and put it on there...it looked pretty good and he said it fit fine. Good enough for me. SO I went down to MSA and demanded that they sell me an s30 Victory Spoiler...however to my dissapointment they were out. SO I got a BRE one instead. The salesman at MSA said "Are you sure you know what you're doing kid?" And I said "No but I saw it on HybridZ so, I'm sure I can figure it out." AND BAM IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Then I decided...hmmm...I've had it primed for the longest time...maybe I should try painting it black myself... Yeah...bad idea. You can't tell in the photo but I did a really shitty job. So I decided to do what any 16 year old boy would do...rat it out again. The new paint you're about to see is heavily inspired by Gage Kerr's 280z. That thing is so flipping sweet... Then I got my tsurikawa chain...a real one from Japan...because honestly, I love shakotan and bosozoku culture. I also got this sweet windshield banner made that says "party gang" in Japanese. It is the name of the car club that me and my friends created. Got my Crown Royal shift boot... GALLARDO And this is the most recent photo I have of her...taken today...stay tuned for more progress! Love it or hate it...I really don't care. This is my Z and I love what I've done to it!
  11. Let's get this intercooler thing on...

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