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  1. I have a few LD28 motors I am parting out. I'm looking for full coilover set for my '73, new intercooler, sti r180 rear end, t3 ball bearing no shaft play. Cylinder head, valve cover and exhaust manifold. -50$ ea Bare block -80$ ea (ill throw in the pistons, rods, and bearings) Injector Pumps, hardlines, and injectors -150$/set (1 left) V07 crankshaft -900$ obo (1 left) Intake manifold -200$ (largest runner diameter of all L series manifolds) Rancho Cucamonga, CA Call or text 909-708-7671
  2. I pulled this motor at 103,000 miles from a 83 280zxt that was rear ended. I completely stripped the drivetrain. I then had the L28et cleaned up with ALL new gaskets, and seals.. Additionally I added a metal head gasket and ARP head bolts. The P90a head was slightly ported and polished... The T5 goes through all of the gears perfectly and has a new street clutch. All emissions equipment was deleted from the motor, I have a custom fuel rail with 440 supra injectors. The only thing I haven't gotten to is replacing the stock turbo. I have the original wiring with NO ECU, but I also have a megas
  3. I have a L28et/T5 (p90A) .. entire motor cleaned up, brand new gasket kit and rear main seal installed, metal head gasket, arp studs, new clutch, head completely cleaned up. I also have a MS3 unit wired for it, im not exactly sure if the megasquirt is for sell yet.
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