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  1. Its the nissan obd1 plug and I'm borrowing my friends obd1 to usb plug that he used to tune his rb25 so I know that works.
  2. Hey guys, I've got an rb26dett in my z car and for some reason the consult plug doesn't work. I've checked the wiring about 1000 times and its correctly wired per the ecu pin-out diagrams and from what other members say it should be wired. It has 12v power, ground is grounded, the Rx has about 10v, Tx about 10v, and clk 0V. So the weird thing there is that Tx is supposed to have 0V. The other voltages are correct besides the Tx; I checked the wire and it's wired to the Tx pin on the ecu. I'm lost here and have no clue what my next step should be.
  3. Thanks for helping clarify! I ended up just making a makeshift hose from each to the intake (before turbo, after afm). If it develops problems I will take you up on your offer!
  4. Hahaha good point! Thank you for the help!
  5. If the cam breathers are vented in the intake after the afm but before the turbo, couldn't oil spray into there? That seems problematic.
  6. Thanks! Do the cam breathers go there too?
  7. What's the compressor? And also for the breathers, where do they go to stockwise? Thank you!
  8. Hi I was wondering where the two circled parts are supposed to go?
  9. Hey, I am installing an RB20DET into my new project and I came across this picture and I'd really like the muffler/tip. Can anyone point me to it or at least something extremely close? Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys, I ended up getting it sold for $7000!
  11. I'm planning on getting the walbro GSL-392 for my 78 280z. None of the original fuel lining is there, but instead there is a rubber line that goes to a hardline. Do I have to buy a filter. And also do I have to get a fuel pressure regulator or is there one on the RB? Thank you!
  12. I'm thinking of selling my car. To buy another one! I was wondering what you think it's worth to sell?? 1978 280z 133000 miles no rust tuned engine lowered springs and aftermarket wheels. Thanks!
  13. I can get a retest. When I originally got the car and it failed I did the things that I said I did. By the time I had done that I decided that I could just have a mechanic do it. I took it to a mechanic who said that he had worked on them before. When I got it back from him it had the readings that I posted which are the "stock settings" from what he said. I feel like it was a waste of money though because from the things I had done, only the HO at idle didn't pass. How can I adjust everything back to the original if I don't know exactly what he did? I can check the timing but besides that I have no clue how to determine anything else.
  14. Thank you all for replying so quickly! The numbers from the tests are in my glovebox so I'll post them tomorrow! I'm pretty sure that there is nothing wrong with the tps sensor as I already replaced that and the engine pulls hard. I'll check that link out to determine if the water sensor is bad. As for the fuel pressure regulator; how do I check that? Also I've thought of the classic insurance for it but one of the requirements is that you have to have been driving for ten years or something and also I would definitely be driving more than 2500 miles since I live in Queen Creek and daily commute to Gilbert!
  15. Hi, I have a 1978 280z that is no where near close to passing emissions. I've retarded the timing, messed with the afm, changed spark plugs, adjusted the air bypass, and a couple of other things. What is really killing it is the hydrocarbons (unburnt fuel). The car is missing the egr equipment and doesn't have a cat. But even without those the readings make it look like a cylinder isn't firing (they all are). I need some help with getting it to pass as I can't stand not being able to drive it. Well at least drive it legally! At worst please point me to a good mechanic. I live in Gilbert AZ. Thank You!
  16. Hello, I have a 1978 280z that I was planning on doing an RB20det swap in. Can you use the original 280z fuel pump because it's fuel injection? I'm trying to keep the cost down so I can spend money in other areas of the car just in case you were wondering why I'm asking this. Thanks!
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