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  1. Well good luck with this I'll be waiting patiently to see the outcome. I'm really curious to see how it sits in the final resting spot. Not enough people mod the ZX, so I hope this will inspire more followers. I personally am using my 280zx to learn the basics as I have never worked on any car before and boy is it a learning curve . I believe there was another member running his steering linkage through the gap in his headers in order to work. The problem is I can't remember who it was. I dunno if that helps but maybe it might simplify the routing of the linkage?
  2. Which steering rack did you have, rack and pinion or steering box?
  3. judas_light

    Going thru the gears easy like

    Out of curiosity where exactly is that camera and how is it being held up?
  4. judas_light

    JDM huge fender flares

    I personally have never seen it before, but those look Ginormous! The perfect size.
  5. judas_light

    Project 280zx

    Is it a coupe or 2x2? Also I like where that hood is going but I'm not a fan of those side mirrors.
  6. judas_light

    No room for cooling fan... Idea?

    Could you mount the radiator so that it's leaning forward? Like get a fabricator to redo your radiator mount?
  7. judas_light

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    I love the air dam. I wanted to see what it would look like with some of the gap filled up. Hopefully I posted it right.
  8. judas_light

    Molding G35 headlight into my headlight bucket?

    I was looking at the other thread where the guy Photoshop'd the mini cooper headlights on to an s30 chassis and it seems that if you were to fiberglass your own headlight bucket you can make it fit you could accommodate a pretty big variety of headlights.
  9. judas_light

    anti-spyware for computors

    AVG is an Anti-Virus and Spybot is malware detection service; you still need a firewall to prevent yourself from even getting unsolicited entry to your computer. I would suggest Zone Alarm and set exceptions for programs you use all the time.
  10. judas_light

    Quarter Window Delete 280zx

    That looks amazing. You just need the curvature that that your signature has. Dude, you should definitely go for it.
  11. judas_light

    Need a referral for body kits for my first 280zx

    The purple 280zx was a modified s30 gnose kit fiber glassed to fit on a 280zx. That piece is amazing and I would love to have one just like it... sigh.
  12. judas_light

    Starting My Custom Dash, 280zx

    Any particular reason why you have the center section sit out that far?
  13. I had question with the poly bushings, what's the torque specifications for the new bushings? Poly bushings don't give, so wouldn't there be a different torque spec for them? I'm currently working on my 81 280zx bushings specifically tension rod and stabilizer bushings and I was trying to get it to at least 33lbs of torque but they just spin. >.< Is there some trick to it?
  14. judas_light

    front and rear air dam

    Bump!! Lets see some more s130 love. I'm looking forward to that rear air dam.
  15. judas_light

    differences between years 280zx rear brakes

    How much for the differential?