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  1. just the way he made that intake is freakin sweet
  2. ^^^^^^^thats just the late model hood, not a "turbo" hood. and also the late model 280Zx's all have body colored bumpers. look up the differences between a 79 and a 83 doood... OP looks nice tho!
  3. only advice i have is please use more puncuation in your posts
  4. color looks awesome, i might be doing something quite like this in the near future.... its always a good feeling to try something yourself and have it turn out great!
  5. thanks for all the input guys! its going to be awhile before i get to this point, but something different will be done!!!
  6. very cool idea. looks like its coming along nicely. gogo rear valance!!
  7. Ok so I figure Ill post this here rather than the fabrication thread, cuz my main question is body related. Im really liking the idea of molding a different vehicles headlights into my headlight bucket. I think as long as the new headlight fits "inside" our huge buckets, it shouldnt be THAT hard to mold it in, should it? I originally was thinkin some nissan or infinity that has this shape, since maybe it would fit inside the bucket. but i havent taken any measurements yet. Then I started thinkin maybe it would be easier to start with a headlights thats already round, as long as it isnt too wide for the bucket like this tho the wrx light might be too wide. The mercedes one would have nice optics too. I want something with nice OEM HID projectors. any thoughts on this? how hard would it be to do the molding to fit the headlight in there? way too much work? am i crazy? has this been done? point me to the link ? Thanks!
  8. i like the super glue im watching this thread closely, I want to see the final outcome!!! looks very promising!
  9. thats awesome someone mentioned subaru WRB. My other love is my subbie, and Ive been contemplating what color to paint my Z when the time comes. I think WRB would look awesome on the whole car. sorry for thread jack
  10. very nice looking car. amazing what nice paint and sexy wheels can do for a car!
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