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  1. title says it all. soldered a new capacitor onto the board of the old one, still doesn't work, so... Thanks! phil
  2. Thank you NewZed, will do : ) phil
  3. Picture says a lot. It was working, but the voltmeter swipe was squirrely, sometimes. I had to hit the dash above it to shake it loose. Gas gauge worked fine. Should have left well enough alone.Took it apart some, now neither work. Would like to fix, but beyond my expertise. Can't find anything on eBay or CL. Anyone have one to sell? thnx phil
  4. Problem solved, switched wires and LEDs now work in the tachometer : )
  5. Hey! Lucky to find this thread (I hope). I have a '78 280z. I put those smaller leds in the dash and they all worked, but I wanted a little more light, so bought that larger version, installed them, but they did not work in the Tachometer. All others worked fine. Read Oblithian's post, went out to check and sure enough, the Gw from tach went to Rl pin at harness connection. Don't know enough about electricity to understand why the lesser led worked ok in tach, but no matter, will switch connector pins tomorrow and hopefully fix the issue. I will confirm here if it works. Thanks! and for newbies, it always pays to do a search first. : )
  6. Major props to dangerdan for bailing me out of predicament! A good egg! Thank you...
  7. thnx, yeah, or airplane gas tank repair goop i heard, ran those by mech, too, he frowned and said sure, maybe, but then in a year i'll be replacing it again and then i'll charge you more because this job took way longer than i thought. he's sticking with his original estimate, he's a good guy...
  8. thnx, Miles, i ran a couple pics of fuel-rated hoses by the mechanic but he worried they wouldn't be bendable enough. but i'd like to have one in hand just to see...
  9. Hi All, I need a fuel filler hose for a '78 280 Z. I'm stuck on a rack at a garage and mechanic can't find one. Mechanic says the one he did find was a year off, '77, '79, who knows, says he can't remember. He said it was 1/4 inch shy of making a good connection (!?) I can't get smogged (CA) without one. I tried buying the only one that looked like it would fit from ebay, but the seller said it was sold a long time ago <grrr>. There is one more at ebay, but even though seller says it's for '77-'78 here, it doesn't look right compared to mine (attached). It looks more like pics i've seen for earlier 280Z's. A '78 hose has some weird bends in it. I emailed MSA (out of stock, but running it by them anyway). I've hunted online, but no luck. Does anyone out there have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks much phil
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