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  1. 100W per (@35v), and a 12W (12v) led is equivalent to a 50w (12v) halogen bulb.... sooooo if you do the math you get a nice comparison of how bright they actually are. And yeah My dad lives in Texas and its just as bad because of the insane humidity!
  2. Thanks guys, and sorry I havent been on this forum in a while! Good to know ferrariowner123, For the interior of the car, I would bedline it and then dynamat it! That would create a good sound deadning setup!
  3. In My Dreams!! Hahaha its 105f during the day so I am more of a nocturnal worker.
  4. Hello all, I have a youtube channel dedicated to work on my 1975 280z, my most recent upload is of a tail light conversion along with reverse light experimentation. Everything is described in the videos thoroughly. Just trying to spread the word and give people some ideas, check it out! In this specific video I discuss ideas for the tail lights and electronic control of lights as well as the interface. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK EITHER ON THIS TOPIC OR EVEN COMMENT ON THE VIDEO! Thank you!
  5. NewZed I didnt even see your post... It was like 1am. My bad. Yeah I'm eventually going to get an internally regulated alternator and wire that up but for now I'm just going to use stock with external until something goes bad. And yeah I didn't even notice but you are right. All of the wires line up on the connector though and are the same color (except for that one I mentioned in my previous post) so this must be some sort of aftermarket upgrade?? Maybe that makes it more reliable than the stock ones that often fail?!?! Update: Just looked up the model number of the regulator and it says that
  6. Thank you berrmanpete! liked you for that. I was able to find the following two pictures plus some tests in between to make sure my regulator is the same setup (it looks a lot different then the one in the manual but the wires lined up... except for pin 2 which is a black wire with white stripe but the manual says W/L) Thanks again!! -Scapy (p.s. I'll post here once the car is up and running and let you know how it all turns out)
  7. Project1, Your info is great, but I only have one side of the connector (the Regulator side) so I have no idea which wires form the voltage regulator go where, trust me I've already been through the pictures you've sent me. NewZed I checked up the electrical wiring diagram and found this: The problem I see with this though is the voltage regulator in this diagram has a green/red and a green output. I dont have those. But it seems that those two go to pointless things in my case (stripped car), the yellow, black, and white/black and white though are important and my voltage reg
  8. Raptor liner by U-pol. Also used the gun that they make.
  9. Just thought I would share the progress on my Z. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions! Also for my build log: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLA2t2X1t2lNRERz8nAF9Ow
  10. Stripped my 75 280z and rewired from the ground up, Just need to know what these 3 pins are for?!?! I'm assuming batt, ground, and signal... but I dont know which is which or if that is even right. Any help would be super appreciated. Also know that a resistor is used somewhere in between the coil and the tach, what kind?
  11. Wiring my alternator from scratch, want to use the stock voltage regulator. Ive done tons of research but it seems I am not able to really find anything on the stock alternator setup. So there is ground and battery as well as a 2 pin output with the labels "F" and "N". Included pictures of alternator as well as voltage regulator and the wire colors. Any help would be appreciated. The car is stripped to barebone so I don't need the warning light and what not... Basically just need to know which wires go where!! Thank you for your time! Pics:
  12. Lol I remember that now (guess I'm a teen with short term memory haha).... Thanks for the response though!
  13. What are these two sensors? Haven't been able to find a solid answer online. I know that one is the knock sensor. And if I'm not mistaken its the one on the bottom right next to the oil filter?!??!!!
  14. I am indeed, but not looking to spend a ton. Willing to buy beat up ones because I can fiberglass. PM me with a price and we will work it out
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