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  1. gmorrone1214

    280zx R&P from a 240z

    Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply's. Not that many S130's up here in Alaska, nor S30. Debating on the manual or the power rack and pinion, I know that a lot of the power racks need rebuilds fairly often.
  2. gmorrone1214

    280zx R&P from a 240z

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find out if a 240-280z manual rack and pinion with the cross-member will fit the S130. I want to replace the reciprocating power steering because it is leaking and I also need room for a bigger turbo upgrade. I know that the zx also had a manual R&P, but I just found a good deal on the 240z set and need to know if it will fit the zx.
  3. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Yes sir I have.
  4. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    I acutally changed it using the proto area after posting that picture. So now the resistors sit in there with leads to the appropriate holes. Jumpers are as followed: VR Sensor: -VRIN to Tachselect -TSEL to VROUT Single High Output Coil -IGBTOUT to IGN -330r 1/4w res IGBTin and top of R26 Power -S12c to JS9(+12c)
  5. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    About to start up the car this weekend, just have to finishing wiring the distributor and the fuel pump and then its good to go. May be a dumb question but wiring the distributor as per this diagram ----The 12v+(B/W): Guessing this is switched? I am using the relay board, so is there any slots I can plug it into or just find a random 12v switch wire?
  6. gmorrone1214

    S13 Throttle Body TPS issue

    How would I wire this to Megasquirt? The middle pin should be the signal wire, but how do I know which pin is the ground and the other power?
  7. gmorrone1214


    Just ran into a clearance problem that I do not see addressed in other forums. The way the steering is set up (outlined in red) there is no way that I can fit this hy35 holset in there. Is the swap that I need manual rack and pinion to make this fit? Did not think this was going to be a problem with the swap ugh 😤
  8. gmorrone1214

    Found a new shell - would you consider this clean?

    Test it with a screwdriver (poke around at it) and see if it is completely rusted out structurally. If you can mig weld , or weld in general it isn't a hard fix. And if you dont want to patch fix it they also have complete floor boards and rails you can weld on.
  9. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Roger that. About to wire it up in the ZX and have chickenman help with the tune.
  10. gmorrone1214


    Delete please, got the part.
  11. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Just as an update I got the board firmware downloaded and hooked up to Tuner Studio. When using the megastim and moving the adjusters the corresponding gauges in the studio move, all besides the RPM (Well starts to then stops , says it needs to be calibrated). However none of my LED's on the Board or the megastim light up, is this normal? Also the board now has the motherboard along with R43 for High output coil.
  12. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Set up for single high output coil 82 turbo dizzy no PWM idle
  13. gmorrone1214

    Holset HY35 Exhaust Flange Adapter?

    Did you ever get the HY35 exhaust flange welded up and downpipe made? Currently looking to install the same setup in my vehicle.
  14. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Powered it with the battery and all is well. Checked the voltage according to the hardware manual and everything checks out. All that is left is installing the transistor for the single coil setup. Once I have the modifications done to the jumper wires I will upload a picture just to make sure that it is correct.
  15. gmorrone1214

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    I was trying to do that step however I am not getting any power to PCB at all. With the 9v in the stim, I am not even getting a reading at the + terminal of the stim when it is connected to MS2 board. Ill just bench test it with a 12v battery and the 1amp fuse to the 28pin to see if the stim is the problem.