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  1. Necro bump. Any updates on people who purchased/installed the flares? How wide are they in comparison to regular and wide ZG flares?
  2. Grille received and PayPal dispute has been settled. Thanks.
  3. Since you have signed onto this site less than 2 hours ago and didn't reply to this thread or my PM, a PayPal dispute has been started. Sucks it had to come to this.
  4. If you aren't getting your PM notifications, I still haven't received the grille or heard from you since I sent payment almost 3 weeks ago. I see you have signed in within the past 24 hours so please take some time to respond so I don't need to file a claim with PayPal. Thank you.
  5. Bumping this thread for misinformation; or possibly unclear info. I'm aware Tony is a knowledgeable dude but prying at the gap on a '76 did not reveal screws:
  6. I can do that as long as they are all in perfect working order sir. PayPal ok?
  7. $100 shipped for the fuel rail/injectors/FPR and throttle body to AFM boot?
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