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  1. 4.6 CobraZ

    DP90LF Epoxy Primer 6

    Can you tell me what front body panel bumper you used on this? It's exactly what I'm looking for. Bill
  2. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    Looked at all 30 of your pictures. Do you have any of your steering rod, and do you think some shorty block hugging headers will clear the frame rails? I think my biggest concerns with my swap are exhaust and steering.
  3. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    Wow, thanks, exactly why I joined this forum. Having been there done that anything you would approach different if starting fresh?
  4. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    I'm pretty sure the intake on the 96 to 98 Cobra motors are too high for a stock Z hood. Or a Ford style scoop is an option I guess. EDIT: Concern addressed, mitchnandy (pic 3) has done this.
  5. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    This is the route I want to go I hope the 2001 Cobra intake fits under the stock Z hood. EDIT: concern addressed, notheredave (pic2) has a similar intake in his Z (93 Mark 8?), looks like an 01 Cobra intake will work.
  6. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    I liked my 97 Cobra, and had similar HP as you (way too much power really) but I have to say after buying the Z it feels like a go cart, smallest car I've ever messed with. Hard to believe a DOHC Modular drops in. Really beautiful body lines too, pretty excited about this project.
  7. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    I've read your thread top to bottom, pretty much why I joined this forum. I noticed a ton of SBC stuff but it took a little searching to find the 4.6 DOHC. I was gonna look for a 2001 or 97 to 98 Cobra motor but I actually think the Lincoln Mark 8 with its lighter weight nodular crank will save a few pounds and rev quicker. Also cheaper. Are you finding 300 HP to be sick enough or do you wish you had more? I'm wanting a spirited daily driver, not a super car.
  8. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    Low budget and practical, T-45...
  9. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    The all alloy Terminator motor in my 97 Cobra was about 650 HP and even with 305's out back traction was non existent. For this Z project I'm looking at a much more sedate 4.6 (Lincoln Mark VIii motor with flat top Pistons and a 01 Cobra intake). Should come in around 300 HP. My 97 Cobra was stupid over the top (dropped $14K on the motor alone). I want something I can drive daily during the spring and summer.
  10. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    My first Z parts score, super clean tail lights &100.00 off Denver Craigslist.
  11. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    Pics off this forum (on the Internet). 4.6 DOHC will fit. And a possible mount option is a modified Ford crossmember.
  12. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    I'm going with a normally aspirated 4.6, like a 2001 Cobra motor. I don't want a modified hood. There are 3 other guys on this forum who did the 4.6 so I know they will fit. The lincoln Mark 8 motors are readily available so that's an option (super low profile intake on those motors). I'm hoping a 2001 Cobra intake will fit under the stock Z hood. I'll post the motor mount pics I got off this forum.
  13. 4.6 CobraZ

    4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    Joined Hybridz, and just got my Z car today. I built a nasty all alloy supercharged 4.6 for my 97 Cobra a few years ago and had crazy HP, basically fell in love with DOHC Modular motors. For the 280Z I will be doing a NA Cobra motor (2001 Cobra), 300 HP in the Z will be fine I figure. Looks like it's been done here (notheredave, yellowoctupus, and mitchnandy) so I will need to tap into their experience.