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  1. OK....Thats what i was going with....So its good to know...This is NOT the first time you have responded to my posts/threads(which i appreciate) so i'll have to tell you now that i'll be directing a few questions your way in the future. Hope you don't mind. I'll be going with brake kits from silvermine. TTT'S coilovers also plan on getting the camber plates from them also. Going back to the coilovers, should i get the kit and have my shop do the cutting and welding? Or just get their ready to bolt piece? also what spring rate to i ask for?
  2. "RebEkahsZ", Thanks, that was my initial pick....i'm curious. Why did you go with a JTR header despite using a JCI swap kit? i ask cos i know he sells headers too and they are cheaper.
  3. so which one would you ultimately go for?...with closest to the "total" package in terms of streetability...ride height and comfort.?
  4. light track duties like perhaps once a year...my struts are rebuildable...budget willing to spend what each vendor is asking for from T3 to BC, Height; i want something i could really slam low....i won't be doing the welding. I'll have a shop do that for me. also plan on being able to adjust the camber as well.
  5. I've got 4 choices to go with: T3's complete kit BC racing BR coilovers from JPN Garage. Stance kit from Sakura Garage and finally CX Racing coilover kit. I know two of them are kits that have that requires cutting and welding, but my questions concern ride height & quality. car will mainly be street driven. with some "light" track duties. I value & would appreciate you guys input.
  6. Thanks "RebekahsZ" and all....so i guess i can stick with my current diff....could it be rebuilt to add the LSD?
  7. Thanks!! on what diff? if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Its been a while folks my K.B of the whole diff. setup is rusty, so bare with me. I'm doing an ls swap into my 280z, already comes with the R200 diff. My question is based on my power goals(500hp) and desired top end goals, what diff and ratio will get me north of 140mph? (on the track of course) Thanks
  9. im going with an lq.....more "bang for the buck" so to speak!
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