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  1. I'm interested in a Quaife LSD for my 83 non turbo with a 3.90 open differential. I purchased a 3.54 turbo differential several years ago and my plan is to install the Quaife in the 3.54. One of the vendors of Quaife (QDF7L) has a statement to the effect that their LSD is suitable for non turbo cars. My question is there a difference between a long nose R200 turbo and non turbo?? Thanks for your time. Dan
  2. NewZed: Thanks for the response. The headlights are still working, and they are on the same fuseable link "block" as the other terminal which has the fuesable link (IGN) which failed. I thought it was a black one because it was black toast, (was confused about the "br" legend on the cover). Now it would appear to the "untrained: eye that it was a brown fuseable link. The puzzle is whether it died due to age, or there is another problem. At any rate, I'm stil sniffing around and guess I need to talk to a Nissan tech. Again appreciate the response. Dan
  3. I'm danc430 (formerly danc) with an 83 280ZX with a GM Performance Parts ZZ430 clone. It's been running in the current configuration since 2001 without electrical issues. The ignition fuesable link fried yesterday, and or course it wasn't in the driveway. Good news I had a good tow truck driver and my credit card. Attached are two photos of the scene of the crime, and one of the car. My first question is do any of you folks know where I can get another factory fuseable link? Secondarily any thoughts on what might have caused it? Whenever a problem arises my first question is what has changed?
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