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  1. Hi ! Thanks for your reply - I have now found a viable way of contacting him, even though i know that he no longer owns the car. Yes...its a beauty, and Im wanting to base my car around the way that his car looks....Just love the Dish on the wheels, and the way it sits ! Thanks so much for your help ! Woza
  2. Thanks !...I have messaged that user...hopefully he replies !
  3. Mods Please move if this Post is in the wrong spot - I wasn't sure where to place it ! OK, I have had my 260Z for a long time, and After finding this picture, I have decided that its the right wheel/Flares selection for me. I would LOVE to get in contact with the owner, or if its been on-sold, the original builder, to get the EXACT specs of the wheels & Tyres & Flares. Yes, i know that there will are plenty of wheels out there similar, but for me, these ones look Spot on the way they sit on the car. So, that information would be invaluable for me !
  4. Hey ! I know this post is like a zillion years old.... and it's a longshot....but thought it was worth a try.... you don't by chance still have this oil pan don't you? Desperately looking for one for my RB26DETT 260Z Project Please let me know, Warren
  5. Ross.....Yes....thats exactly how it should be. Thanks for the photo and update - post more when its finished ! Cheers Warren
  6. Make sure you run a tap through the bolt holes first though mate....i believe a number of brackets werent threaded all the way through....
  7. Hi Alex... Sorry to hear you are having these problems. As you said... not unexpected, as I clearly documented these issues with the stock cable before the ordering process began. The only way i see if rectifying the problem, would be to remove the extra tab on the lever arm entirely, then grinding the arm to shape so that it will accept the cable clevis. If you do this, ensure you remove as little material as possible whilst still allowing free travel of the clevis through the whole travel arc of the lever Keep us informed how you go! Warren
  8. Ahh fair enough....I get it now.....I was simply wondering where the reference to FRONT brakes came from. Cheers
  9. Cheers Rob....glad it made it there ! haha Look forward to seeing your pics etc.. All the Best.. Woza
  10. Oh I see......I asked about this at the post office, and i was not allowed to have $500 insurance with $0 value.....Anyway, glad its all worked out ! I'm confused....the "front" Caliper ?.....I'm wondering why the reference to the front brakes ?
  11. My Pleasure Joel. Thanks for being a repeat customer!
  12. So PLeased they finally arrived !....what was the problem with Customs ? No !....definately not intentional.....the threads SHOULD go all the way through. In fact, this perhaps may have been the same problem that I encountered....I had to run a tap through the Main Caliper holes on mine also, but I assumed that it was paint (I couldnt see properly as they were mounted on the car). I can only apologize for this, and hope that no one else has this issue...It cant be everyone because one person fitted their kits no problem. Yes, the Thread for the main Caliper holes is 3/8 24
  13. Gents... I too fitted my kit this week (I still had the prototype kit fitted !). As you know, I sandblasted, then painted mine brackets. When i was fitting them, I had done everything and was at the stage of bolting the calipers up to the bracket. I was surprised when the 2 bolts for the main caliper got VERY tight, and to the point where they would tighten no more without extra leverage.. So..I removed the rotor, and ran a tap through the holes....it was the paint !.....i have never experienced this before, and after i ran the tap through, the bolts went in as they should !. So...
  14. Joel... Yep..pads come with the Mc4's! Love the red...wish all mine were red lol
  15. This is Fantastic news !....THANKS !...Whilst i know they fit, Its always a nervous time until customers get them, and fit them without any problems !. So thanks for the feedback !. Please feel free to post some pics if you are so inclined ! Did you get your brackets powder coated ? Thanks Warren
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