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  1. I just wanted to give a quick post about my subframe experience. I was one of the first to order. It took approx 8 months to receive it after they had it "in stock". When i received it nothing was square, it didnt fit. It was about 1/4" too narrow. Couldnt even put it on the moustache bar mounts. The diff mounts were welding in crooked and angled. With the diff installed loosely the pinion flange hit the body. The rear control arm mounts were also all crooked, I wasnt able to tighten the passanger side down with the mounts hitting the floor. The rear control arm mounts hit the cv shafts. After contacting them and going back and forth over and over again about the problems they finally agreed to send me a replacement. Months later I received it. They assured me they had some jig problems with the first ones and they were corrected. But this one was worse and to add, the only 2 bolt holes were also stripped out. Again, pictures taken and sent to them. It was now my problem and the best they would do was refund me $200 for my troubles. It is currently sitting on my garage floor in about 10 peices. Had to completely cut it apart to make it fit. Hopefully mine was just an isolated experience.
  2. Is there a better one? or are they all made by the same company?
  3. Does anyone know if the front sway bar from a 300zx will fit the S30 chassis?
  4. Has anyone purchased one of the reproduction dashes from Vintage Dashes yet? Im trying to find a review before i purchase one. Their communication is pretty poor, dont want to get taken for $800. Dont know if i can post this here but: http://datsunforum.com/240z-reproduction-dashboards/
  5. If you could take a picture showing how far down the diff is mounted? From their pictures it seems to hang pretty low.
  6. Mine was the same way. Initial fitment was terrible. Ended up cutting it in many spots and panel bonding it back together once i had it fitting the way i wanted.
  7. Just a quick update. ARP took care of everything, sent me new kits. Even paid the return shipping to get the old ones back.
  8. Its going great today. Went to put the head studs in (also made by arp) and they are the wrong thread. Great quality control.
  9. I dont know if you can see it in the pic, but its actually cracked all the way to the head.
  10. I sent them an email, we will see what they say.
  11. I was about to install this bolt when i noticed this, for anyone else running one, might be a good idea to inspect it. Bolt is brand new, just removed from packaging.
  12. What if you incorporate a rear diff cover brace into the design. Then you can use the cobra diff cover and not worry about breaking it. Or go with a Ford Racing cover.
  13. Does anyone here own one of these?
  14. I removed the sensor, made a plug out of it, and notched the body to clear. Then used a gps speedo.
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