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  1. another picture from a second location during the same shoot
  2. They're Eagle Alloy 028 wheels 15x10. I got them from a member on these forums. This past weekend I finally got around to getting the car out for a photo-shoot after lowering the suspension. There will be more pictures coming, but I still need to do the processing.
  3. I made a new center console, came out great.
  4. There's been some updates. I got some awesome wheels from a member here. Now I need to lower it and update the rear spoiler. And a little work tidying up my smallblock chevy
  5. Got the wheels, packaging was top notch. Good luck with the other two sets!
  6. Set #1 is paid for and shipped patiently awaiting their arrival. Thanks for the wheels!
  7. If you were in Canada I'd take that front spoiler off you in heartbeat. Shipping from CA would kill me though unfortunately. Good luck with sale.
  8. installing flares, and i got a new camera for photos.
  9. I realize it sais local only but I will pay whatever the shipping cost is on those louvers. Please let me know!
  10. Car's ready for spring got a new fav shot of her sitting in the garage.
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