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  1. thanks, i really want the 5 speed as well, but baby steps i guess, i tried to search but only came up with the same thing about the crank angle sensor
  2. if i get the turbo donor car i want this week, i will have a L28 N/A out of my 83 i would be willing to let go cheap, also have spare parts to go with it, i am in phoenix. not too far away.
  3. i found a complete 81 turbo car that i want to transplant the engine to my 83 N/A. both cars are automatics, so other then the engine, harness and fuel pump. Is there anything else that i need to move over as well? Thanks.
  4. i am having a hard time getting my z to start and i am sure it is the timing that is messed up. if someone is in phx and wants to give me a hand let me know. beer on me
  5. if i did not put the distributor back on right and it moved during the time it was off can this cause it not to start? i pulled off the wire going to the coil and a spark jumps over to the coil. i had the oil pump out and the distributor while it was down to fix the crank
  6. not really...no luck on the search what does the sensor light on the dash mean when it is trying to start?
  7. Ok..got out there and shot the power in the car and there was nothing, since i was getting power at the alt and starter i knew the battery was good, i ended up finding a broken wire under the dash, i guess when i had my son help me remove some interior parts he must of yank and pulled the wire out.. ok so thats fixed.. now when i try to start it.. cranks and i get the sensor light on the dash. now i need to see what that is.. off to the search function...
  8. ya battery is charged....i charged it while the car was down the lights work great.. not even the stereo will turn on anything that has to deal with the key is dead... i will try to scuff up the cables, they are pretty much new ones.
  9. 17x7 not sure what else u want to know.. i do not know the name of them..
  10. Well my car has been down due to a crank shaft pulley that cracked. been sitting about 2 months. i put it all back together today and when i tried to start it the car went nuts. the gauges and clock turns on. but when i would turn the key over it would not crank and i could hear clicking noise under the glove box. the clock would also reset like the battery was disconnected. after a few times of that...it started doing nothing now. turn the key and not one thing turns on in the car. like there is not battery hooked up. i checked power at the starter and alt and i got 12.5 volts both places. lights work fine. radio dead. dome lights fine only thing electrically removed is the power mirrors and that should have nothing to do with it... did my ignition take a crap? what can i shoot next to see what the problem is? 1983 ZX Auto N/A
  11. RB26 has not changed over the years so you can find one from a R32 a lot easier. hell i just left japan and people are selling the R32 GTR now for 3000 now..its sick..over 12000 5 years before...
  12. universal 4 lugs...2 different patterns.. like i said i took them off a s13 240sx
  13. i just got some "new" to me rims that were on a 240sx before and they will not fit over the bearing housing. where can i find about 1 in adapter plates so i can get these things to fit.
  14. just cut out small parts of sheetmetal and rtv it from the inside of the car..then u can just fill in the part in the engine bay if u want it to be smooth or paint it ...simple and can be removed if u need a new hole easy..
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