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  1. Nissmo510- The wheels 17", with 5 1/4" backspacing. Tires are Nitto NT01's, rear 275/40/17, front 255/40/17 98blackbell- Engine temps are fine, 190-195. Haven't been to the track yet though. boosted3- they are little noisy on rough surfaces, otherwise ok on freeway. Once at the right temp, it sticks like glue.
  2. Here is a printout from a R33 RB26 @18PSI - 557rwhp, with the GTX3582r, not sure what fuel, but you can see the difference.
  3. RB240Z_91 (2).bmpTurbo is a Garrett T04Z, I attached the graph of the run so you can have a better idea, but driving it feels different than the numbers suggest, Spools really quick after 4k, and pulls hard to 8k, there is lag in city traffic, but it's not that bad. My tuner is doing a Turbo swap on a R32 using the GTX3582r, waiting for results. I know that will spool faster but also run out in the top end at 7k.
  4. Annunaki- The wheels are CCW's 17 in. It's actually tuned also, on the lousy 91 we have here. @17 PSI - 480whp.
  5. It was on and off for a while, at one point I was ready to sell it, but finally pushed through and got her running. Here are some pictures
  6. RIP John, you were one of a kind..
  7. Does anyone know where I can find the bracket that is attached to the deck lid where the strut mounts?
  8. Has anyone used the ebay aftermarket RB26 plenum (I think they are "God Speed"? If so, please give feedback for the quality, compared to the Greddy one.
  9. Any So Cal guys know where I can get a rebuild for a Garrett GT4088R locally. The fins on the exhaust side are chipped on the edges.
  10. Thanks for the replies. The Haltech came with a base tune, that I was able to start the car, only ran it for about a 2-3 minutes and then towed it to the tooner/tuner (in this case maybe tooner). I did tell him that I needed a full tune. He is a Haltech certified tuner, so checking everyhing before a WOT pull should have been routine.
  11. Looked at the turbo closely and found this. Blade tips broken on the Turbos(GT4088R) exhaust side. The turbo is brand new, only ran 30 minutes on the Dyno, no more than 5.5-6k rpm. Any input would be appreciated. I would like to figure out why the tips broke and ended up in the piston tops and the quench pad area, before fixing the turbos.
  12. Stony, standing still looks like an 8 second car. Looking good. I know what 9 years feel like!!
  13. No. Didn't smoke or anything unusual besides the noise.
  14. Upon further inspection and clean up, I got some samples of the pieces on the pistons and the head. (1st photo) They are aluminum, and looks like they are pieces of the head/quench area, and the pistons. Here are some photos of parts taken off, (to go back on, soon, hopefully).
  15. Yes, I did get her running recently (January), and yes, that's pretty much what I've been having is tough luck with this thing. It's been almost 9 years and I am pretty sick of it already. If its not one thing it's the other. I spent waaaaay too much money on it to just get rid of it, and can't find the motivation to go forward and do a complete rebuilt.
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