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  1. Smoke came out of my column the other day . I took out my turn signal switch and cleaned it up . My left indicator would freeze or be really sluggish but after the cleaning it came back to normal but my right indicator is DEAD . Can anyone help ? Before I spend most off my money I saved up for exhaust on this switch ? (Only 17 and my z is my first car)
  2. What screw did you take out ?
  3. So smoke started coming from my steering column one day ... My right turn signal does not work and my left "freezes" . Has anyone else had this problem with their 77? I'm suspecting it short circuited . Is there any KEY areas to check ? Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. My 280z is losing oil pressure and the exhaust is kinda blue. I'm suspecting an oil leak . Where should I check 1st?
  5. hello i need some help on getting my 77 280z to pass smog. It was labled as a Gross Polluter but a smog repair stations in my area wont work on it because its "too old" which is bullshit. CO emissions are more than double. the HC (PPM) is very high too. ANY tips/fixes that could help getting this Z on the road? Its my first car. It was sitting for like a year maybe its the old gas? You can smell the exhaust which is alarming for me. Any help or reply is greatly appreciated
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