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  1. That looks great! Thank you and I apologize if I wasted anyone's time but my google-fu did not pan anything good and this seems to fit the bill perfectly!
  2. I've been trying to find a full buy-in-one kit for a key-less entry system for my 73 240z but I can't seem to find one. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? I just want a fob to lock/unlock the doors remotely as I approach/leave the car. I don't want a full alarm system, self start from my phone, etc. Just a simply lock or unlock, trying to install power locks. I may be using key-less entry and power locks interchangeably and apologize if they are separate terms. There was a post on here from a few years ago regarding a SPAL kit, but I contacted them and they told me that they no l
  3. Hi guys, Does anyone have any experience with this A/C system? I am very heat sensitive, and can't ride in a car that doesn't have A/C in warm weather so I'm looking for the absolute best blowing a/c system no matter what the cost. I'm currently looking at an A/C kit made by Kameari called their Cooler Kit. That said, it's going to be $1700 + freight from japan. Also, would this be blowing from under the passenger foot area? I'm not very mechanically savvy so I don't know how this setup compares to others in terms of hardware, push/pull, etc. Any thoughts on this would
  4. I've been reading up a lot on the fender mirrors and it seems like most things, the quality between vendors can vary quite a bit. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a vendor that sells authentic/quality zg fender mirrors? I know people have utilized ebay and have had mixed results. As such, I'd like to get a high quality set. Thanks! So far, I've found two vendors: RHD and ZCCJDM
  5. Hi guys, Sorry for the lack of updates. Been traveling for a bit. Thank you for all the input, I have found a transmission locally that I'll be using. I appreciate the fair prices from the members of the forum.
  6. I'm def. interested. Can you send/post pics and any info you have.
  7. I'm looking for a 5-spd transmission from a 280z to put into my 240z. Where is the best place to find one (or do you have one for sale) ? I browsed through ebay and craigslist but didn't really find anything. Also noticed that neither MSA nor Whitehead carry them. Thank you!
  8. Thanks Slowpoke! That is a great site. I'll try taking the existing measurements and see if those wheels will fit without widening first as I'd like to have them on the car, with or without the wide flares.
  9. Hi guys, I've been looking at various wheels and am thoroughly confused as to what you use to determine if a set of wheels either fits or can be widened to fit on a 73' 240z. What method do you use? I am looking at 14" SSR Star Formula rims but have no way of knowing if they either a) fit or b ) can be made to fit via widening/springs? I found a guy who does have these on his 240z but he said he had them widened and gave me the following: -front 14×8 5+15 Toyo 185-60-14" -rear 14×10 5-47 Toyo 195-55-14" - broader 13cm rear + flares - widened fiberglass front fenders (doe
  10. Hi guys! Really appreciate all the input. I took the first one I linked to Datsun Spirit in Manassas, VA to do a full inspection. Everything actually looked much better in person and it drove great. The only mechanical issue present is one small oil leak and the weather stripping need to be replaced. The car itself is pretty much all original everything, including the no-crack dash and radio (only what had to be replaced has been like fuel pump, etc.). The guy is moving so he threw in a 5spd transmission he was going to put in but never had the time to do so for free. Also, got the pric
  11. Thanks 88dangerdan! What would be a fair market price for this? I plan on taking a mechanic with me to inspect the car in person but assuming no further observable rust or red flags what is a reasonable price? I'm not trying to low ball, I just want to get a fair deal. Seller is moving so I'm sure he's motivated. Still open for other opinions/thoughts on this as well!
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forum and looking to buy a 240z. However, I do not have much mechanical knowledge when it comes to cars. I've been reading and reading and it seems like when looking for a Z, the number one thing I keep reading is to avoid rust as much as possible. I found a 1973 240z for sale locally and wanted some advice on this car. It definitely has rust but I have no idea how much is repairable. I have about a $30k budget, but I'd like to spend about $5-8k for the car and then budget for a minor restoration (get it in good running condition, paint, wheels, and an in
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