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  1. I'm in for sure 100% for whatever u make!!!!! been waiting like 1 year to here from will
  2. Anything going on with this? Or talk to Will I waited all summer on this gnna buy the techno tuning kit if this is dead ??????
  3. Was told only block huggers will work ????
  4. Any rough idea when u will start making them again will ?? I'm getting antsy!!!!
  5. Will I will take the 1st 1 when u make them again got the $$$$ waiting I'm hoping its before summer
  6. I will take it kit been trying to get a hold of u for a 3 weeks on here have cash whenever message me asap

    1. donnydatsun


      Wills 8.8 kit


    2. donnydatsun


      Just figured out how to message on here I called will to buy a kit to hear he is not making them and that was all I needed to finish my car ughhhh so call me or message me I was the first on here that said I wanted your kit my # is 920-242-0367 Josh like I said I got the $$$$ get back to me please thank you

  7. Anybody have a kit.from will for sale??? That was the finally piece to my puzzle and now he is no longer making them????
  8. I am also lol wish he would make a couple I bought all th parts needed now here I sit sucks
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