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  1. I didnt actually know they were a Dayton design. Such lovely wheels, and set the car off perfectly. I do feel very lucky to have them in stock. (not the kind of item you can just go out and buy of the shelf i imagine?
  2. In an auction about 15 years ago I managed to pick up a set of original GTO wheels for just under £1000.00. I know the tyres arent road legal but when i have my project up and running i plan to have the wheels running on Dunlop L or M section tyres like they ran in period. I think the look of those thin side wall tyres on original Borrani wheels just cant be beaten. I am just lucky i came across the wheels when i did. Have had them in storage for years now. But wheels make a car, so it just wouldnt look right without them.
  3. lovely touch and attention to detail. I appreciate this kind of detail.
  4. What sort of money is he after for the car? I have quite a wealthy friend and when i showed him my GTO you could start to see the cogs turning. I thing he has been on the lookout for one. But I just dont have the faintest idea of how much money these replicas can go for in finished condition?
  5. Little question for all you knowledgable folk out there. I came across an old/vintage Nardi steering wheel in the stores the other day (pictures added) it looks very much like the Ferrari steering wheels from the 60's (apart from having a Nardi push horn button) The wood rim is in need of being taken to a specialist and completely redoing. Question is are they worth restoring? It would be expensive to have restored so i will only look into it if it is worth it? Please let me know your thoughts guys.
  6. Thanks so much for the info. taking loads of notes from this and trying to see what will work best. I think you are right. Metal is the best way to go. I just really wanted ot get a good idea of the dimensions others were making their car trunks and rear window to. The really nice alloy surround you have made for the rear screen. How did you construct that? It looks like the real GTO? So well made. No wonder your car gets so much attention. the finish is second to none. and the Alloy frames around the head lights as well. really it all looks just like the real deal!
  7. If anyone has any helpful templates, or advise, or procedures for converting the Tailgate into a fixed screen and making the GTO trunk/boot i would really appreciate it. My car currently still has the original 260Z tailgate. From the pictures of 'Chelle' and 'Boy From OZ' it looks like a lot of time and effort has gone into getting the ratios as close as possible to the real car. If you can help even by giving me the measurements of the screen size you use and the boot size i would be so grateful. Also i am racking my brains as to how to go about making an Alloy rear window frame
  8. My dad bought at auction about 12 years ago some original GTO Boranni wheels. He has had the splined hubs replaced by larger bore to fit his series 1 3.8 etype, and has been running them ever since. the car does look good on them, but seeing as i am now trying to build a replica GTO these wheels would really help to the look. I actually HATE that no matter how good some of the replicas are (even that black one in Vanilla Sky) as soon as you see chrome steel wire wheels the illusion is smashed to bits. The wheels make the car, its just a shame they cost so dam much!!! So my current pred
  9. Guys can i have your input on Coilovers? Make Model you would use on a 78 260z (GTO) And polly bush companies worth using? The time will soon be here when i have the suspension off, blasted and powder coated, so i need to get cracking on ordering some good suspension parts. Any help/advise is very welcome.
  10. Quick question for anyone in the know. I may be about to buy a clutch style LSD for the 260z. The guy i am talking to says the LSD is for the R200 diff. I may have the R180 or the R200. Where on the diff do they stamp the model? The car is in dark storage right now so crawling about on the floor under a car, with a torch, i would like to have an idea where to look, to see what diff i have. The LSD is made by a company in the UK called Elite, they supply these clutch style LSD's to the rally boys. 1.5 way diff with 65lbs rep-load and 50% ramp angle. Knowing my luck i wont have
  11. Little update. I went to collect the 6.0 jaguar V12 engine the other day. so after a little research (correct me if i am wrong and these are estimate figures i have grabbed off the net) but the L26 engine weighs around 460 lbs and the V12 is 600 lbs. I am going down the route of a tubular manifold, a small high torque starter, a small high output alternator, IDF ITB throttle boddies from someone like Jenvey, and a super light fly wheel from TTV Racing. The engine will be built by my old mans restoration company all in house and will be blue printed for Harmonics. I should be a
  12. yeah thats a good call. Soda blast seems to get the best results and will give me some nice bare metal to weld to. Quick question for anyone out there. Brake servo. Can you buy them? I can see Wilwood and OEM master cylinders on ebay but servos??? Its a part i would like to source. And last. I have just picked up a 1993 6.0LTR Jaguar XJS V12 engine. it came with a steal crank OEM, All alloy engine, With a light weigh fly wheel. some IDF down draft throttle bodies and a nice tubular stainless exhaust manifold I think this engine could do well in the bay of a 260z/G
  13. Just wanted to throw this out there. Which would be the best s30 model to invest in? What seems to make the most money? or get the most attention? Is there a good year or engine size that came out and everyone went 'That's the one to have' Quite ofter the very early cars seem to be the ones people want to collect? Quite often the company sorted out all the problems and by the end the cars were the best of the lot! Take the e-type for instance though, and the early 3.8 roadster series is a GOD and the later v12 is a train wreck in my opinion. I am new to th
  14. Do you guys happen to know what the going rate of a 260z engine and a 260z 5 speed gearbox would fetch on the open market? Uk or USA?
  15. And just a small question for you more advanced guys on here. How come the pictures i put on only come up in a very small Icon? you have to click on the individual image to make it the intended size?
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