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  1. hey everybody... im looking for the two barrel hasp's or latches that secure the rear louver on a s30. they are spring loaded, have to holes to mount them in the deck lid and are made out of aluminum. i put mine up in a very SAFE place and now cant find them. please call 214-546-5112 or email jjjones1969@msn.com if you have some to sell..... thanks jj im located a few mile east of dallas on hwy 80.
  2. Heres my pics, im close to trying to start it....... I cant wait
  3. hey im looking for a sanden 508 compressor so i can try to "modify" it to a vortec a/c bracket off a 96-99 chevy vortec 350. i dont care if the compressor is bad, i just need it to design the bracket. i really dont know if this "idea" will work so thats why im looking for a junk cheep compressor. thanks for your help. contact me at jjjones1969@msn.com. i live near dallas so if you are close i could pick it up.
  4. i have the manual, it doesnt say use 3/8" lines. over looked the part about the z fuel pump. thanks for your help
  5. 1. I have a 78z and i am wondering do you need to replace the stock fuel lines when going to a CARBED V-8? i have looked all over and cant find the answer. 2. will the factory electric fuel pump work or would it be better to go to a mechanical pump? thanks jj
  6. TXCASE801

    my 280

    my car sat in a garage fo 20 years, very little rust but has been worked at some time.
  7. Hello Sir, On a SBC swap in a 280Z, what is the best accessory bracket route to go to have the hood close and keep the a/c ? All i have is the water pump, alt and a/c to run. I have looked all over and can not find the answer. I have a VORTEC engine out of a 98 chevy truck and am running a carb. Next question is would you use the datsun elec fuel pump or remove it and go to a sbc mech pump? 2 line or 3 ? and would you replace the datsun line and replace it to 3/8" ? I appreciate your help. Thanks JJ
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