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  1. 280z-racer

    RB20/Z32 trans question

    i have a question for a friend that is board illiterate. Can the guts of the Z32 trans be swapped into an RB20 case? and how similar is the rb25 and rb20 trans?
  2. 280z-racer

    Painless Harness with A/C

    no ideas huh? no one has kept A/C after a rewire?
  3. I'm looking to pickup a painless harness for my 77 in hopes of getting rid of all the electrical gremlins. Mine has what looks like "factory" A/C that I was thinking of repairing. I know the 18 curcuit setup has provisions for A/C, but I'm not sure if I could run the factory hardware with this. I also looked at adding a vintage kit, but that seems kinda hopeless with the L28. Any ideas or experience is always welcomed.
  4. curious what throttle bodies people are using that can incorporate the TPS and IAC?
  5. 280z-racer

    Throw out bearing/collar question

    i had to use the 240 setup on my centerforce clutch. seems to work ok.
  6. 280z-racer

    350 truck or car?

    the F body LT1 was rated as low as 275 horsepower. all have 2-bolt mains except Y which had 4. B and D body were iron heads, F and Y were aluminum. also watch out for the L99 variant from the B-body which is only a 4.3L.
  7. 280z-racer

    post me some questions

    thanks grumpy!! i thought they were straight up but after doing an LT1 i wanted to make sure.
  8. 280z-racer

    post me some questions

    hey grumpy, quick Q for you. on a 91 5.7 liter vin code K- is TDC #! cylinder with the dots on the sprockets straight up or pointing toward each other like on the LT1?
  9. 280z-racer

    I wonder how your all feeling about this...

    while i often dont use capitals or apostrophes when typing on the intrawebz, its usually for speed and the rest of the syntax and spelling are there at least. as for those that completely butcher the language i blame texting and instant messaging. you get lazy doing it and there is almost never anyone to correct it. people become comfortable with incorrect spelling and grammar and it is passed on. and the best excuse i hear to explain it is "its the internet, who really cares?"
  10. 280z-racer

    What scanner to buy?

    the only ones i have experience with and access to are the old style snap-on, the newer snap-on modis, and gm tech2. i know these are well out of your price range but i have to say if you arent trying to reprogram anything the modis kicks ass!
  11. 280z-racer

    77 280z no start

    well after going through the test procedures is the manual for wiring and components, i have found that i have no continuity through the air regulator and low voltage on the thermotime circuit. can either of these cause there to be no injector pulse? i checked for voltage at the #1 pin on the ecu connector for the ignition trigger and there is voltage there. other that im at a loss.
  12. 280z-racer

    Youngins: How'd you end up with a Z?

    i got my 76 280 when i was 15 and im 28 now. it was my aunts car that her roommate stole and wrecked while drunk. it sat in a garage for many years. a cousin of mine yanked parts off of it and and uncle got around to doing the majority of the body work but never got it running. as i was getting closer to 16 and wanted a car i asked her if she would sell it to me. she told me if i got it running i could have it. i took some pics of the engine and went an compared them to complete ones in the junkyard. bought the necessary parts and spent a couple of weekends installing them. new battery, oil, and fresh gas and it fired on the 2nd try. fixed a few more things and made it my daily until i was 19. i needed something reliable so i kinda shelved it. worked on it here and there but never really got it going again due to other things in life. this last summer i gave it to my neighbor who will make a bracket racer out of it and i bought a 77 that is in much better condition that im building now.
  13. 280z-racer

    Free '77 l28e!!

    villain was first.
  14. 280z-racer

    Free '77 l28e!!

    no those i kept.