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  1. Hello, I went with converting the rear drums on the 1970 240Z to the 1978 drums for the supposed "stronger spindles" and double brake cylinder. Fun fact the flange that bolts the spindle to the half shafts is not interchangeable btwn the two.....splines don't line up, that's for another conversation!!.......anyways, I got a new 8" booster because of the new rear brakes and upgraded double piston fronts. I have a 7/8" master but bought a very used 15/16" from "FleeBay" (EBay) to handle the extra fluid demand. Is there a secret society I can join to get a rebuild kit for the 15/16" and with t
  2. Anyone running dealer option Appliance fine wire rims on their 240?

  3. Mr. RebekahsZ...thank you very much....now the other members will know who knows the '70 and '71 Z in detail. For those who may have felt left out, sorry but sending a picture and going into more detail would had opened up lots of speculation and what if's.......thx again RebekahsZ
  4. Yes, however the post is for seasoned early Z mechanics/enthusiast.....if a photo is required than they probably can not help
  5. Hello all!! After replacing the floor pans and bracket base, I broke off a stud on my donor veh 1970 seat frame. It's a very unique bolt. Anyone have any ideas on where I can get a replacement and how to remove the old and install the new one...Help!!!
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