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  1. Just finishing up my Stage 4 Engine and Engine Bay Restoration from Datsun Spirit in Virginia. Lots of engineering in the engine but only using L-Series components. However, using modern electronics and ignition for reliability and performance. Kameari Headers and Exhaust. R200 Diff, T3 Coilovers, Disc Brake Upgrades (Nissan parts). 300ZX Half Shafts, triple 44 Mikuni's, etc
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  3. For my money I would go Datsun Spirit ITB. They seem to have the whole package integrated with control unit, tuning and system. It's one thing to get the unit but then you need to integrate it and then tune/optimize based on your engine. I think that is where Datsun Spirit is different than the other cookie cutter systems. There systems is designed and engineered just fo the L-Series. Here is a video of the dyno with their ITB.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a specific part to complete my S30 brake conversion to 1990 240SX rear disc brakes. Specifically the ebrake cable stay that bolts to the 240sx rear caliper. This part is not longer sold by Nissan individually (it used to be) and to purchase it now one needs to buy the whole caliper. Even then, so many cores are returned without them that they are hard to come by. Silvermine motors sells the bracket for a Maxima brake conversion but not for the 240SX caliper. Does anyone know where I can find one or even the dimensions so I can perhaps make one? See attached picture it's the large Zinc bracket. Thanks, JMF
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