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  1. chiefmd

    280ZX FPR

    Looking for a 280ZX FPR for my Pallnet fuel rail upgrade. Thanks
  2. Looks like I lost mine. Any one have a cover they would like to sell or I guess if not how about the whole thing. Thanks
  3. Just another option. I had my S2000 painted Ferrari Grigio Silvertone. Really looked good. I was thinking about painting mt 73 240Z the same.
  4. Looking for a front wheel hub for a 1973 240z. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  5. I believe I have the set. I'll check and let you know.
  6. Did you have to order the Cobra GT3 seats from GB?
  7. Has anyone installed the Corbeau Classic in their 240z. Seems like good quality frame construction and materials. Just want know what is needed for installation and weather they are comfortable. Thanks
  8. Rob - I have to agree with you on quality. The more I looked the more I could see and what you don't see is probable more concerning. Who knows how the frame is constructed and what materials were used. Thanks for all the input. Will start my search.
  9. Couldn't copy and paste url but here is the item number 391472202342
  10. Saw these on ebay and just wanted to know if anyone has installed these in their Z.
  11. 1973 240z with 350 sbc. 225/50 x 16 tires. What would be a good highway driving tire pressure?
  12. Looking for a set of the covers. I need the ones that have the 3 screws as seen in this picture.
  13. Jon - Thanks for the input. I pulled the pinion flange a greased the seal. All is good. Thanks again.
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