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  1. I don't know if will help but check out post #36 https://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1345592-78-datsun-280z-5-3-build-2.html
  2. Well got the alignment done today and what a difference. The mech said it wasn't too bad but it really made a difference. Feels so much more solid. They did balance all for wheels so I can't say for sure which one eliminated the steering wheel shimmy. But all I care is that it's gone.
  3. Glad that's all it was. It's always the obvious. I think I going to try the alignment route. Mine doesn't pull but I never did get an alignment after a refurbed the front end.
  4. Evan - I'm sorting the same issue. It's very suttle but it's aggravating. I suspected a wheel bearing even through I I had replaced both sides so re torqued them still no change. While I had the car up I decided to check the inner tie rods as I had already replaced the outer when I did the wheel bearings. I did find a little bit of play on the right side so that on the list to do. Also, I going to switch out the 13" steering wheel for a 14". I think the smaller wheel enhances ANY vibration. The off to alignment.
  5. Wildfire490 - I recently finished my LT1 build using Evans build thread and it came out great. Below is the diagram for the fuel system that he send me.
  6. Thanks, but like I've said before your post and advice made it much, much easier than if I would have started from scratch. Nice. I haven't jumped on it yet because I'm a little concerned that the stock stub axle might give up. I think I'm going to upgrade to cv's. No I did it after the trans was in. I looked at the plastic console and it just wasn't hacking it so got some 16 gauge metal and fabed it in two pieces and covered it with foam and vinyl. I'm going to redo the armrest as it is just a little too low. I have some pictures that I'll post.
  7. Evan - All done and running great. Couldn't have done it with out all your help. Thanks
  8. Evan - Here are some shots of JCI headers and the plug issue. Also the packaging was really bad and headers were scuffed up.
  9. 1977 280z 5.3 swap. Received Dirty Dingo mounts for Xmas gift and wanted to know if JCI headers will fit. Has anyone used this combo and are there any issues. Or any other suggestions for headers with Dirty Dingo mounts. Thanks
  10. Nice job on the exhaust. You just keep giving me more items to buy I purchased a set from Viet Nam and was really pleased. They fit really well. I
  11. What bell housing, clutch/flywheel are you using?
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