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  1. I'm using an adapter kit provided by LOJ Kits. I'm able to keep the stock z32 bell housing and use a clutch/flywheel as provided from them as well.
  2. I am swapping an LS into a 1971 240z and am using Johns Cars (JCI) engine mounts and a low mount alternator. I'm going to be using a z32 5 speed transmission but since this has a smaller body than a T56 it shouldn't be an issue. Looking to see if anyone who got in on the header group buy from a few years ago has since gone turbo and has these headers for sale. Shipping to either Havre, MT or Canada, whichever you prefer.
  3. Looking good John, I can't wait for that shotgun ride we talked about!
  4. That is Sung Kang's car "Fugu Z" that won SEMA crowd favourite in 2015.
  5. I already thought you were doing amazing work. Then I saw your numbered (preset) vise grips! Well done sir, well done.
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