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  1. Gearheadmatt

    N42 engine ?

    I sold mine for $800: Schrick stage 3 cam, N47 head, N42 block with 90k. Sold the wide ratio trans for $200 and the 3rd gear synchro was going. Bought by a vintage race guy as a core. A friend sold another wide ratio trans in good shape for $400 on eBay. People think this stuff isn't worth anything but my experience says otherwise. Just my experience though.
  2. looking for a new damper and trigger wheel. something at least along the lines of the SFI one MSA sells.
  3. Ok so heres the background. Just rebuilt the motor. Damper was in use on previous engine but in excellent shape, not many miles. Euro damper. Rotating assembly was all balanced together, damper, flywheel, even pressure plate (which was way off btw, ACT). Multiple people had their hands on it prior/during process. Final long block assembly by Winters Racing. The symptom: I was adjusting mag clearance for crank trigger and grabbed the damper to rotate crank a smidge and felt damper move on crank. It can be rotated slightly by hand and has slight wobble side to side (perpendicular to crank line). Using the same damper, same damper bolt and stepped washer as before. I can pull the bolt and simply slide the damper off by just pulling by hand. I swapped to a shorter bolt and same symptom. Appears to be bottoming out on oil pump gear, in line with where it should be on the front seal, but just slips off/on. WTF Has anybody experienced this? My guess is somehow the crank snout somehow undersized or the damper is oversized, praying for the latter.
  4. I have a 77 I'm about to pull the 5spd from. Functional but synchros are starting to go. How soon do you need it?
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