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  1. Wow, just came across this. Not sure how i missed it. Great build! Quick question @Tank how did your gas tank fit? I saw you deleted the rubber bumpers for the fuel pump/pickup, does it rattle at all?
  2. I knew a lathe was going to be involved
  3. Couldn't resist so I Photochopped it. Still the cheapest way to mod a car.๐Ÿ˜„ Before and after. Pretty subtle, dunno if it's worth the hassle. It would probably look way better in person.
  4. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised the guys at MZR haven't done it yet. They basically remade the entire dashboard and rear of the car.
  5. My windshield area has a lot of rust in the channel I need to cut out. I noticed some of the muscle car guys are going with flush mount windshields. So far I haven't seen it on any datsun. Do you guys know of one? I am curious to see what it looks like. Sometimes they can look a little odd, sometimes they look great. And yes, I have shrinker/stretchers to make a new channel ๐Ÿ˜„ This is what I'm talking about btw. https://www.feslerusa.com/collections/fesler-flush-mounted-d-o-t-glass
  6. Thanks for the pics! I have an early 260. The 260's are similar to the 240s but I believe use their own mounting system as they had shocks and stick out further. My bumpers are pretty bad so I am looking at some repro 240z ones. I have several holes on the sides where the bumper sits but I am not sure if they line up or not. I am welding up uneeded holes all over the car (including the ones from an old vinyl top๐Ÿ˜„) and wanted to know if I needed to save one or all of them.
  7. I am currently welding up holes on my early 260z. I will be converting to a 240 rear bumper and deleting the shock system out back. Does anyone have a pic of the side bolt location on their 240z? My 260 has around 4 holes on the side. Iโ€™d like to weld up the ones I donโ€™t need anymore. Thanks.
  8. If you want to make an offer, let me know. These spot calipers are ideal for anyone looking to save weight for a track car.
  9. These are looking pretty sweet. Let me know when you are ready to sell!
  10. How is the handling with air springs? I was always curious about that with the custom car crowd. What was your reason for going with them? They look like some quality kit.
  11. Is this a little thicker than the factory one? I always felt the factory cover was really flimsy. I'd be interested in a set raw.
  12. Looks great! What made you pick them over Silvermine? I'm trying to decide between the 2 myself.
  13. Thanks for the info! I am using the in tank unit mainly just to keep the noise down from the pump. Since it will be split open, i was just going to add some baffles because why not. All the plans I've seen look like a one way marble trap. I'll take a look at the FiTech. Can that be mounted sideways? That would be helpful but I've never seen a surge tank be side mount capable.
  14. I picked up a spare tank for my 260 that I need to cut open to strip out a misapplied POR15 liner. I'm thinking about remaking the bottom of it instead of stripping it since its essentially a box with some dents for the straps. Does anyone have any recommendations on the baffling? I am planning on putting a Tanks Inc or Phantom in tank EFI pump on the low side under the spare tire well. A surge tank will be under the car somewhere. I'm not looking to go with a fuel cell. A quick search of the web found me this. I am imagining the small box would be located in the position I described above. Would this be enough? And do the baffles really need to extend to the top of the tank (minus a tiny gap)?
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