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  1. Just flocked my dash. Made a headliner also. Mocking up the radiator fans tonight. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/36666-20180103_111920jpg/ http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/36669-20180105_170037jpg/?browse=1
  2. It's been awhile since an update. Motor is running in the car. Working on wiring for gauges and lights right now. Still need to run the clutch line an install driveshaft to have it moveable on its own. Added more photos. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/album/1744-240z-build/
  3. I have an ECU programed by Rs-enthalpy. It is tuned to run on E85. 1000cc top feed injectors. Going with a gt30 turbo on top mount headers. Ive already upgraded the head gasket and replaced the head bolts with ARP studs. The brakes are racing calipers from AP racing with Ferodo pads using a Wilwood master cylinder. The seats are Corbeau FX1 pro fixed back. Full roll cage and weld in camber plates. Also replaced all suspension bushings and installed rear camber bushings. Coilovers all round.The only 240z original parts are the windows. The car will be a street legal track car. thats why I am rebuilding the window regulators now. I bought a fiberglass 240z dashboard and have to cut it to clear the roll cage. I guess my goal is a car I can drive on the street or track with 400 hp.
  4. Added some recent photos to my gallery.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I removed mine. Here are some guys discussing it. http://forums.nicoclub.com/eai-system-removal-t376525.html
  6. Started posting in the RB section. I thought I would be using one. But I decided to go with a lighter setup. Car was completely torn down then a roll cage and fuel cell installed. Then paint and body. Now I have started to put it back together. I will add pictures to my gallery as it progresses.
  7. Paint is finished and started to put car back together. This is my last post in the RB forum. I bought a different motor.
  8. We have been busy doing body work and getting ready for paint. Shot the primer last week. Then painted under the hood and inside the car. Went with voodoo blue.
  9. The car is going to used on the track. It will be street legal but not for daily driving. Their are some organizations that only allow a fuel cell for their track events. Also I don't have an original gas tank.
  10. Getting the brake calipers ready to ship. I am going to send them to get rebuilt. I am hoping they can clean up the outside also. The AP brakes are aluminum.
  11. It wont fit in the factory location. The spare tire well is going to be removed. Then a new thick piece of sheet metal welded in. Then it will be cut for a 16 gallon cell. It will look like this. I may not plumb it to the side fill location like the orange car in the picture. I am not sure if that is legal in all racing and autocross organizations. Some of them require the fuel cell to be covered.
  12. I wasn't sure where to post this. But since I am going with an RB25 I decided to post it here. I bought a 1971 sock 240z shell and a 1971 that used to be a race car. Then I swapped the coil overs and the AP racing disc brakes into the stock car. I have sold the race car and have started doing the roll cage. I should also have the fuel cell in soon. I am really excited about the RB25. I am constantly watching videos and reading about it. The car will be street legal but defiantly be able to handle some track days.
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